Vanity Area

A vanity area can be a useful addition to your bedroom or bathroom. It can be a great place to keep all your cosmetics and various skin care products that you use every day, but do not have a permanent place for.

So, if you’re trying to learn how to design a vanity area, here’s what you need to do.

Choose the location

Far too many women apply their makeup in a cramped bathroom or worse, in the car. The goal of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, so you must find a good place where you have access to natural light and make sure that no one disturbs you.

Consider creating a vanity area in your bedroom because it’s easier to go straight to the vanity desk and start with your daily beauty ritual.

Purchase a vanity table

In order to create a vanity area, it’s important to have at your disposal a large work area. Consider installing a large desk that has several drawers so that you can store all of your cosmetics and skin care products.

If you can not find a desk that meets your needs, you can consider adding a decorative table with two bedside tables. Leave a space between them so that you have enough space to sit comfortable.

Add a vanity mirror

You can hang a mirror on the wall behind the table, positioning at the eye level, or just use a free-standing mirror. If you opt for the second option, use a swivel model that has a magnifying mirror on one side and a standard mirror on the other.

If you want to add a touch of class, you can install an antique mirror with beautiful golden frames or a simple white mirror to go with the overall design of the vanity area.

Add light to your vanity area

If there is enough table space, just use a decorative lamp on each side of the vanity.

Otherwise, install several lights on the wall. Most hardware stores sell vertical and horizontal light bars which can be mounted on the wall and plugged into an outlet.

If possible, use incandescent lamps that simulate sunlight. Avoid fluorescent lights because they have a blue-green hue.

Storing things properly

When it comes to keeping all of your beauty products in place, consider using a small decorative container to keep on the vanity desk.

Use it to keep the products that you use most often, such as foundation, mascara, your favorite lipstick and hairbrushes. As far as styling tools go, invest in multi-purpose tools such as one of the greatest flat irons.

The best models can be used both for curling and for straightening the hair, so by buying one of the greatest flat irons, you will save some space and avoid clutter on your vanity table.

Consider storing other products in the drawers of your desk. Organize drawers in these sections to find specific objects easier. Set aside a little drawer for disposable products such as cotton balls, cotton swabs and makeup removers.