Date Online

Countless single people all over the world are now trying to make online acquaintances. Why is it so popular? A modern lifestyle highly values mobility and speed. People think they do not have enough time to visit bars and other public places to find someone to start relationships with.

Our team believes that online dating is not an appropriate substitution for live dates, but only a different way to meet people, so both of these methods remain popular and effective.

It is also important that the Internet gives an opportunity to meet a foreign girl for marriage, which is rather widespread nowadays. However, today Rus Dating site and we are going to talk about online dating, its advantages, disadvantages, and grey areas.

For a proper beginning, let’s focus our attention on benefits you can get with dating online.
First of all, it takes a little time to get acquainted online and initiate a conversation, especially if you use one of the specialized online dating sites.

Girls get their memberships on these resources in order to find a man, so you have similar purposes. Trying to meet someone with the help of such networks as Facebook is much harder because women do not register there to get your messages and are often annoyed with your pickups.

That is why you should better use a dating site for meeting girls. You can see all the necessary information as photos and measurements on a girl’s profile page and almost instantly decide if you like her or not.

Secondly, an online conversation with a certain person can easily be finished. If something goes wrong and you understand that you no longer want to chat with this girl, you just write her about it and/or block her. It is rather comfortable because you do not need to see her reaction.

Though, do not be irresponsible. Online dating is the same as the real one but takes place in another kind of space. Therefore, girls apprehend your rudeness in the identical way as if it was an actual meeting.

Now it is time to talk about drawbacks and risks of online dating

Since the 1990s, it has become much safer to date online, but it still has some peculiarities you should be aware of. Aside from fraud and online shakedowns, you should avoid a menace of the Internet addiction.

People get used to meeting and talking online and often forget that there is a life outside of a computer screen. You might find a temporal solace in a chat room or a dating site, but it does not lead you to a successful life at all. Love is a prodigious feeling, so you can find addiction, obsession, vindictiveness, harassment, impulsiveness, and even downright guilt in online dating. That is why you should be careful.

Another trouble is that you have actually no proper ways to make sure that your companion is authentic. You see, there are numerous open sources on the Internet. Finding photos of a cute girl on Tumblr or Flickr would only take several minutes.

It is also important for your profile page – girls might not believe in its realness if you do not fill it up properly. Dating sites now make it easy to link to your Facebook account to post recent pictures. Remove any photos that are over two years old and do not ever lie about your weight, height, and age. You would see a frown on her face when it comes to a live meeting, which is not a good experience for either of you.

What also makes sense is that you are not able to see real emotions of the person you chat with. That is why you should be careful and omit weird dating resources and sites that are focused in sex dates. Do not get us wrong, we have nothing against meeting for sex.

However, such sources are often infested with scams and criminals that use them to find victims. Do not give or send money (you may be assured that a girl that asks for a financial help on the third day after the first message is a liar), do not tell your address (aside from being a criminal, the girl you chat with may turn out to be a stalker).

If you want to have a telephone conversation – create a Google Voice number to give out (it is free and keeps your identity private). Be sure to designate a public place for the first meeting. Do not have a girl come to your home and never meet at her place.

Ask someone to come with. If a girl is the one you have been expecting to see – you can simply act as if you accidently met your friend, which is not surprising at a public place.