Healthier Relationships

Getting married and tying the knot with your loved one is a joyous and exciting moment of your life. However, sustaining it and retaining the love and spark between the couple is the real challenge. As the honeymoon period gets over, the bills start pouting in the mail, and the responsibilities start piling up, the mutual love and romance are sidelined in typical married life.

Unfortunately, the human capacity to dedicate themselves to a particular thing is insufficient. In the post-technology era, the lifestyles and societies have been reshaped such that men and women find themselves under the constant pressure of meeting uncalled for social expectations.

The struggle for remaining financially competitive, having kids at the right time, maintaining the quality of life at least for the kids, maintaining the household and a lot of other expectations exhausts both the partners in a marriage. This physical exhaustion and mental pressures take an emotional toll on spouses.

In a typical marriage setting where a couple pursues a strictly family oriented life that is in line with the general societal standards, the most couple finds themselves moving apart. As the burden of responsibilities piles up, the distances increase and so do the arguments, which often make the relationship rocky and at times even end up in separations and divorces.

Of course, regardless of differences and responsibilities, anyone who believes in the institution of marriage longs for companionship and love and would like to give it every shot that it takes to make the marriage work.

Unfortunately, many couples do not realize that making and breaking of marriages do not take place overnight. It is the little things that you regularly do over the years that helps in building up your bond. Here are a few ideas that will help in to build up your relationship with your spouse.

Have Meals Together

Meal times are an excellent way for family bonding. Cook something that you both would enjoy and make it a point to have at least one meal a day together. After a day-long of hectic work, have a heart to heart with each other.

Talk about something that you find mutually interesting, or simply talk about each other and how you spent your day. If you feel too exhausted to cook, it is okay to order away a meal and have it while you unwind.

Celebrate Moments and Create Memories

Be it your birthdays, anniversaries, birth of your child, job promotions or graduations, celebrate every moment that you can together. Take pictures, shower each other with presents and create memories that you not only cherish as a couple but also as a family.

These moments and memories play a significant role in inculcating healthier foundations of love and strengthening bonds.

When picking up gifts for special moments, make sure they are timeless and memorable. Get a Bvlgari bracelet for her or a Seiko Presage for him. Something that reminds you of each other and your importance in each other’s life.

Get Your Nose Out of the Screen

Whether it is your smartphone, laptop or even television, screen and technology is the prime culprit of stealing the thunder of your relationship. Your latest status update on Facebook can wait, and you need to tone down your excitement for the newest X-Box console that you had bought. Women get annoyed if they feel their husband is more interested in the football score while she is telling him about how she discovered a mind-blowing new recipe.

Likewise, men get irked while they are talking to you about their hectic day and you are more involved in a WhatsApp discussion about the sale at Sephora. When you have your partner around, make sure that you dedicate yourself to each other, give undivided attention and listen intently and attentively when the other is speaking.

Respect Individual Space

There is no doubt that undivided attention and dedicated time to each other is vital for building a strong bond. Having that said, make sure you do not end up being too clingy or possessive about each other. Balance and moderation is very important in whatever you do.

Being clingy is as detrimental to a husband-wife relationship as being careless and inattentive. You will suffocate and frustrate your spouse by sneaking in their cellphones and asking too many questions all the time.

Let your husband have a lone time with his boys over a football game and let your wife have a girl night out if she wants. Having a respected personal space provides the necessary breather and helps strengthening trust level and bond with each other.

Two Way Communication

While you work to build your relations remember that relationship requires effort from both ends and a healthy two-way communication is the backbone of a healthy relationship.

With all the space and attention that you give to each other, make sure that you talk your mind and heart out in a healthy manner. Choose your words wisely and do not build resentments against each other by not talking it out.

Silence is the biggest enemy of love and bond because it will explode in one way or the other sooner or later. Therefore, it is better that you avoid fretting over issues and keeping mum about them and talk things out openly.