A graphic of hands holding a heart, representing how The Everest Foundation supports the medical industry.

 The Everest Foundation has the reputation of being one of the strongest supporters of medical advancement. Whether it is the technological advances in medicine or the training and educating of the next generation of doctors, the non-profit has provided help for over a decade.

What are the core principles of The Everest Foundation? Their focus on contributing to the medical field in different ways has turned them into a massive name in medicine.

As they continue growing and helping out different causes, it is quickly becoming one of the best non-profit organizations helping in the industry.

Graduate Medical Education 

A strong belief of The Everest Foundation, run by Agata Everest, is to focus on graduate medical education. It’s the future of medicine, and the only way it will succeed is by getting proper funding and having the resources necessary to grow. 

Constant changes are occurring in the medical field. Every single year, breakthroughs will make life so much easier for doctors if they know how to handle the situation. That’s where organizations like The Everest Foundation can come into play. 

Technology has been a considerable focus with graduate medical education. New students need to be more technologically advanced than ever before. These students can be new digital solutions that help with medical problems to speed up recovery times. 

This means more well-rounded doctors are coming out of school because they have proper graduate medical education, and this education enables them to have better patient outcomes. When more students know how to treat patients, positive outcomes are available to people worldwide. 

Worldwide Reach

Breakthroughs in the medical field can occur anywhere. Having worldwide reach is an essential part of The Everest Foundation. Strategically placed in Los Angeles, there is easy access to help around the globe. Many medical professionals come through the Southern California region. 

The Everest family, including Dr. Michael Everest and Agata Everest, have ties to many different countries worldwide. The medical field faces many problems that affect people regardless of race, gender, or economic background. Agata Everest and Dr. Michael Everest emphasize the ability to have resources available to all.

Resources locally in Southern California are always lovely. Many prospective students target the area because of all the different pathways available in one area. 

However, a more recent focus of The Everest Foundation is helping areas worldwide have more resources to keep talent closer to home. Having a team of medical doctors working together and feeding off each other around the globe helps the greater good.

Closing the Gap Between the Haves and Have Nots

A picture of a medical professional wearing a face mask and shield, representing how The Everest Foundation supports physicians.

If someone has a passion for medicine, there should be a way to pursue it without causing substantial financial setbacks. Students come from different backgrounds and financial situations, and many first-generation doctors have significantly impacted the medical field. 

The Everest Foundation is very adamant about giving everyone who has potential a chance. Whether it’s raising money for scholarships or funding research itself, this can all immensely benefit the medical field. 

In the past, medical students who have the money to get a leg up on the competition have had an easier time succeeding in the medical industry. The Everest Foundation feels like anyone willing to put in the work and effort should have the opportunity to find success.

Dr. Edwin Everest didn’t come from a family of wealth. He started as an average medical student with high aspirations to significantly impact the medical field. Getting a window of opportunity to make a difference is all many students are looking for. 

Helping Dr. Edwin Everest Live On 

Family, friends, and former colleagues believe that The Everest Foundation is the perfect fit for honoring Dr. Edwin Everest. Dr. Michael Everest and his wife, Agata Everest, wanted to help Dr. Edwin Everest’s legacy live on, so they created The Everest Foundation. 

Dr. Edwin Everest was an innovator during his time, supporting the early stages of technology in the medical field. He was also known for being a solid educator, helping the next generation become that much better overall. Sticking to the core values is a huge focus of The Everest Foundation. 

Technology will only get better, but there still needs to be that human element when treating a patient. Having a robust doctor-patient relationship is a huge key to success.  

Dr. Michael Everest, his wife Agata Everest, and the entire team around The Everest Foundation know that they have a legacy to live up to moving forward. Family is an essential aspect for everyone who carries his last name, and they want to keep the legacy going for years to come. 

About The Everest Foundation 

The Everest Foundation started after Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest passed away in 2008. Just 60 years old, he was known by his peers as an outstanding doctor and educator. That’s why his family decided to create The Everest Foundation to carry on his legacy. 

Led by his wife, daughter-in-law, and an Advisory Board, the focus is on graduate medical education that leads to innovation and forward-thinking. Based in Los Angeles, the non-profit organization hopes to change the future of medicine by helping contribute to initiatives in research, education, and venture philanthropy.