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How People will Look Different after they Stop Consuming Alcohol

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Everybody knows about alcohol. It is bad for your health in general, if you consume it excessively. If you vowed that you will quit drinking or it is your New Year’s resolution, read this article to boost your confidence and keep you motivated to drink less after this. This is an article about how you will look different after you stop consuming alcohol in just 5 weeks.

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Here are the countries that consume alcohol a lot in a year, with no particular order, America, Canada, Russia, China, Japan, and Australia. From the East to the West, North and South of this world, alcohol is not a strange drink. To drink alcohol is also banned in several countries if you are underage.

Drinking is not the problem, but the problem is when you become alcoholic. Drinking too much alcohol will be bad for you because you will lose control some of your body functions. It will affect internal organs like liver, heart and brain.

What will happen when you get drunk? Here is the possible list:

  • You can’t drive, or you will involve in a tragic accident and wake up in hospital bed.
  • You are the easy target and can be robbed by bandits.
  • You can’t think normally and emotionally distracted, you might get yourself into a gang fight in the club.
  • Wake up with a heavy headache, and you’ll late to go to work, and that is not what your boss wants.

After all of these drinking drawbacks, it is dangerous for you to drink alcohol excessively. You can avoid all this by drinking in a small quantity or quit it once and for all. You will gain a lot of health benefits too after stop consuming alcohol in just 10 weeks. This is proven by an experiment that been conducted among the staff of the New Scientist.

New Scientist Quitting Alcohol Project

14 of staffs in New Scientist contribute in this experiment. They start with blood test and measuring their liver’s fat amount. After that, 10 of them have to stop taking alcohol, while other 4 continued to drink normally.

After five weeks, all 14 of them have to repeat the blood test and ultrasounds to measure their liver’s fat again. According to the test, after they stop consuming alcohol for 5 weeks, their body giving a wonderful healthy result. Here are the remarkable findings, Stop Consuming Alcohol For 5 Weeks Decreasing:

  • Body Weight: 2%
  • Cholesterol: 5%
  • Glucose: 16%
  • Liver fat: 15%

Stop Consuming Alcohol For 5 Weeks Increasing:

  • Sleep: 10%
  • Wakefulness: 9.5%
  • Concentration: 18%
  • Work Performance: 17%

It is significantly improving your health and work performance after one month of giving up alcohol. After interviewing the staff that contributing in this project, most of them saying that they felt less social because they’re not in the drinking group anymore, but they did felt healthy and happy.

Cutting off alcohol really helps in decreasing cholesterol, fat and glucose in just one month, and it is beneficial for the one that have diabetes, heart attack and the one that wish to lose weight. You can also prevent yourself from insomnia and increasing your work performance after quitting alcohol.


If you feel like you are less social because you are no more a heavy drinker, you need to channel your mind into the positive outcome of quitting alcohol. You become more focused at work, you have enough rest by sleeping soundly at night, and you are avoiding yourself from all bad things that could happen to you when you drunk. You still can drink once in a while with your friends, but alcohol is not what you always need to be surrounded by friends. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is better for you and other people too.

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So, if you are thinking to stop consuming alcohol and be healthy, you are not alone.  Good news for the one who lives in Florida, it seems like there is a wonderful Florida Alcohol Rehab Center that help people with this problem. One of the best ways for you to lower your cholesterol level, having enough rest and sleep, and losing weight is going dry.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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