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How Opiate Addiction Has Taken Over the Country

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Opiate addiction is one the fastest growing drug problems to hit the United States in decades. Below are a few of the reasons behind the sudden rise and how to handle it if it touches your life.

Putting a Face to Pain and Opiate Painkillers

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The headlines of newspapers everywhere on April 21, 2016, put a picture to the pain families have regularly been experiencing with the passing of the musician Prince from an accidental opiate painkiller overdose.

He, like many Americans, struggled with chronic pain that resulted in the regular use of strong opiate painkillers. The recent surge in accidental overdose from painkiller use has become an uncommon phenomenon that is leaving thousands of families grieving each year.

Prescription Opiate Boom

The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 5.1 million Americans abuse prescription opiates and 0.3 million regularly use heroin. Prescription painkiller abuse is far more prevalent than heroin use, which provides an answer as to where the current opiate trend initiates.

The numbers are somewhat evenly distributed in all areas of the country, although areas like Northern Ohio and Eastern Kentucky seem to have a marked increase over the rest of the nation.

Stronger, Tamper-Proof Medications

You can find some opiates sold on the street, but it is more and more difficult to find. Many manufacturers have gone to creating tamper-proof pills that are not easy to break apart and mix with other substances. It is difficult to break the pills down and liquify them enough to inject.

The smart technology used to construct the medication makes it an endeavor that will not garner much profit or benefit to the buyer.

Increased Restrictions on Prescription Amounts

Greater restrictions and controls have been placed on prescriptions and ensuring no one is getting duplicate amounts filled in one month. It limits the number of “extra” prescription opiates available on the street. Most people getting the prescription are in need of this amount and more. It leaves those with opiate addiction little choice but to turn to other forms of illegal opiates, such as heroin.

The Heroin Alternative

Many of the new faces involved in the heroin drug culture are not what you would expect. It brings people in from all walks of life, professions, age groups, gender, and circumstance. What many have in common is the developed addiction to opiates from long-term painkiller use.

Deciding to get treatment is not easy, and it is most often a hidden problem that family and friends are unaware of until serious problems happen. It can end up at the point of arrests and criminal charges or an accidental overdose before those around know what is happening.

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Day-to-Day Struggle

Being caught up in an opiate addiction is a real day-to-day struggle to maintain enough of the drug in the body to avoid the beginnings of withdrawal. At some point, entire days and evenings spent in seeking out the drugs. Jobs, relationships, and regular life activities start to take the backseat. Serious amounts of debt can begin to accumulate, or the addict begins to trade off and sell all items of value in the home.

Witnessing a Life Implode

Anyone can spiral down into a miserable state within a few short months after developing an opiate addiction. Chronic absenteeism or failing a drug test can cause the loss of a good job. Marriages and relationships can fall apart.

Children and friends become estranged. The addict begins to let health and hygiene suffer. A dramatic loss of weight is typical. People that have not seen the addict in months are often shocked at the change in appearance.

Intervention as the Solution

The thought of putting together an intervention makes some family members and friends nervous. Too often people are worried about offending the addict or making them angry. Intervention is a way of introducing a drug treatment option that can work.

The gentle approach that invited the addict to change their life can be arranged by a treatment center, providing the information needed to make treatment a sensible option.

Drug Treatment and Recovery

Successful opiate drug treatment includes the development of a personalized treatment plan that fits the level of addiction experienced by each. Provision of a safe opiate detox that allows a humane method of getting the drugs out of the body creates the foundation for recovery.

It may take months before the addict has recovered enough to re-enter the outside world, but having a great aftercare program in place will help each addict head towards a full recovery. Contact Poway opiate detox experts like Restore Detox Centers and find out more about available opiate treatment programs today!

Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.
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