Regardless of age, a female who has experienced menstruation will be irritated because of discomfort to their pads or even tampons. It might be due to the brand, but mostly, it is because of the pads or tampons itself.

That’s the reason why, many have switched from using these to the newest support for ladies in their menstruation, and that is menstrual cups. These cups are flexible in which females can insert into their vaginas to collect their menstrual flow.

Menstrual cups provide an alternative to expensive, disposable pads and tampons.  Also, even if you experienced a heavy flow, it is still comfortable to use, healthy, and friendly.  Aside from that, it can also be worn in the waters just like tampons.  However, even if tampons can absorb vaginal fluid, it can irritate the vagina and disturb its bacterial pH balance, unlike menstrual cups, it maintains pH balance.

Moreover, since many have used this already, nothing to worry if you have a petite body because there are cups for every level of activity, every shape, and every size.  Even if you have a low or high cervix, light or heavy flow, or other unique issues, you can find a cup that works for you.  What is in need to consider is its softest and comfortability which Daisy Cup offers.

Moreover, this becomes trending among body conscious younger women.  It is not a rebuking thought, because choosing a menstrual cup is the best decision.   Thus, below are the reasons for these younger women in using menstrual cups:

No Leakage of Menstrual Flow

A regular tampon holds between six and nine grams of liquid.  If you have a heavy flow, the higher the chance of staining your pants will happen. Unless you use menstrual cups, it can hold almost five times of tampons carrying grams of liquid. By this, it will make your life a lot easier even with a heavy flow.

If you hesitated to its capacity, then, you should not.  It is because of the suction of the cup’s rim.  It provides unparalleled protection against blood clots from slipping out of your vagina and onto your underwear or clothes. By this, you will not worry about your sheets while sleeping at night; uneasiness about your pants every time you seat; and fear of staining if you have a more massive flow.

So now, you can freely move without any hesitation. The softness and comfort that Daisy Menstrual Cup could give will surely satisfy your body and mood within the whole time you have used it.

Lower risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome

All brands of cups are made with medical grade silicone.  Also, it is free from harmful chemicals contained in tampons and pads because the silicon cup purely collects blood instead of absorbing blood and vaginal mucus.  It only means that it does not cause micro-tears in the vagina, unlike tampons that blood can harbor toxins.

Once you used tampons, higher risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) inevitably affects you.  TSS is a severe and potentially fatal result of bacterial infections that can occur when the material used is tampon because the tiny bits of cotton can cause small cuts in your vagina walls which is the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria.  The cotton in tampons can strip your vaginal walls of naturally occurring lining that makes your lady bits more vulnerable to disease.  Thus, it is a bacteria-spurred illness that can kill you.

On the other hand, if you use a menstrual cup, the risk of TSS is small to none because of the air that suddenly surrounds the vagina when the container is inserted.

Save lots of money

Aside from the fact that it does not harm your vagina, switching to the menstrual cup will save lots of money because you only buy two pieces of it and you can use it repeatedly.  Additionally, it is cheaper than tampons.

As per advised, even if the cup can be removed, emptied, and rinsed with tap water before re-inserting, sterilizing in between uses by placing the used cups in boiling water is highly recommended because if the cup is re-inserted without sterilization, ladies may re-insert contaminated cup.

So, above all else, instead of buying so many pads and tampons during your monthly period, just buying two cups will save your monthly budget for menstrual flow.


Ladies who have terrible experiences during their menstruation often leads them to hate their monthly periods.  More often, the causes of these experiences are because of stains in their sheets or pants.

Switching your material from tampon or pads to menstrual cups can give so many benefits on you. Even just for a single thought that you can stay the whole day long without changing. It is hassle-free, at the same time, not irritating. Selecting the softest and most comfortable menstrual cups should be your first choice, the Daisy Cup.

Ladies, choose on either you allow your monthly period to control you or you are the controlling it. Cups are just as comfortable as tampons, once you get the hang of them.