Once upon a time it would have been fair to say that the health and beauty industry was primarily targeted at females. Now, times are changing.

Men are seemingly becoming a lot more conscious about how they look and as the purpose of today’s article might have already given away, are paying particular attention on looking younger.

Some might turn to a rhinoplasty doctor as soon as they spot an imperfection, while others might look to stay on top of each and every element of their lifestyle that can contribute to their age.

Through the course of today’s guide, we will focus on the latter; showing you some of the best ways to stop your age catching up with you.

Your body hair can speak volumes

It’s true, some men might struggle more with their hair than others as they age. In other men, some are just more prone to baldness.

However, let’s stay away from the hair on your head for a moment, and instead focus on other areas. Firstly, your eyebrows. Older men often start to experience a monumental growth in their eyebrows and before they know it, they have grown bushy and out of control. The solution? Simply give them a routine trim; probably incorporating it into your standard haircut.

Then, there is the hair that crops up in your ears and nose. The simple advice here is to stay on top of this, making sure that it doesn’t grow out so the whole world can see it.

A suntan won’t provide long-lasting looks

Many of us will venture on our travels and pay little attention to the sunscreen at the bottom of our bag. Well, now is the time to change such an approach.

Sure, returning from vacation with a golden tan sound enticing, but make sure you do it the safe way. Always wear sunscreen, even if it’s snowing, as over time these UV rays are going to wreak havoc with your skin and provide you with those wrinkles and age spots that nobody likes to see.

Stay hydrated; in every way imaginable

Hopefully, you’ve already read the guidance about staying hydrated. The general rule is to drink between six and eight cups of water a day, which will work wonders in your bid to look more youthful.

However, it’s not just about what you drink. Staying hydrated also applies to your skin and ensuring that you regularly apply moisturizer. If your skin is dry, it immediately looks older than it really is.

Get creative with a beard

We touched on this in an earlier part of this article, but a beard really can be one of your best friends as you get older. Not only can it conceal certain age blemishes that might have appeared, but it can work very well for your neckline as well.

As men get older, their neckline starts to sag, and a beard can help to disguise this somewhat and ultimately allow you to roll back the years.