Abnormal enlargement of veins in the scrotum is termed as a varicocele which is identified as one of the primary reason for infertility. This varicocele builds up over a period of time.

For the good production of the sperm, the system of arteries and veins which transmit blood to and from scrotum should be pure. When the venous system fails in sending pure blood back due to this varicocele, impure blood adds up to testis, leading to a bad production of sperm.


This causes the sperm count to decrease ultimately resulting in infertility. Varicocele patients who are looking for varicocele treatment without surgery   should consider Grocare for assistance.

Occurrence of varicocele

Generally, the veins are in charge in transmitting the blood to the heart for purification. The blood has to pass through upward direction from the scrotum to the heart thus to facilitate such transmission, the veins have uni-directional waves.

Nowadays, pH balance is disturbed due to the modern lifestyle which increases the toxicities levels in the blood. Those valves are accumulated with free radicals formed as a result of altered pH and toxins leading to improper functioning and obstruction in the flow of blood.

This causes the blood to get collected in the veins leading to varicose and finally forming varicocele. It takes a long time for the veins to dysfunction resulting as varicocele. This is thus said as a result of improper lifestyle.


This varicocele can be detected by undergoing ultrasound along with sperm count analysis for better understanding of the severity of varicocele. Sometimes, the varicocele is misunderstood as a hernia, hydrocele or epididymitis. Thus care should be taken to know the correct diagnosis.

Surgery for healing varicocele

According to modern science, the varicocele can be cured only by surgery. Actually, the varicocele cannot be cured as the rate of reappearance is up to 35%. In such a case, the varicocele is known as recurrent varicocele.

The recovery period after surgery is 3-4 weeks even after which the relief cannot be assured. But the damage done to the vas defers other than the varicocele results in an everlasting reduction in the production of sperm.

Varicocele treatment without surgery

Two things have to be taken care of in the case of healing varicocele naturally

  1. Lifestyle
  2. To get clear of the free radicals which led to the improper function of the valves.

This can be treated by Grocare with its three medicines like Nervica which guarantees smooth blood flow, Activiz to get away the toxins, and Acidim makes the free radicals weak by altering the pH levels. This takes a good period of time to get cured.

Through this, the arteries and venous system strengthens and helps in managing the pH levels getting rid of the toxins. In this treatment, the body cures by itself through the support from the medicines.

Once healed and the body is out of toxins and free radicals, with smooth blood flow from veins to the heart, the medicines can be stopped as the body gains enough strength to be recurrent.

Anyways the lifestyle also is to be taken care of which helps in 50% of the cure. As the improper lifestyle is the vital reason for varicocele, the healthy lifestyle should be followed in the future along with the medicines for total cure and non recurrence.