How Does Tech Affect Your Health? Depends on Your Age?

In the last decade, technology has effectively become a part of our lives. A never-before-seen number of families have at least one personal computer in their homes – many of them have several – and half of the world’s population now walks around with devices in their pockets that keep them connected to the rest of humanity 24 hours a day.

It would be foolish to think that all the technology that blasted into our everyday lives would be without any effect. It does affect our way of life, our behavior – and our health. But the effects of technology on humans differs depending on the age group using it.

Video games

Video games have been the subject of extensive criticism over the years. Concerned parents and even some regulators saw them as a factor influencing youngsters to harness their violent side, blaming them for their aggressive behavior at school and at home.

Turns out they weren’t entirely right – video games are also beneficial to children, helping them learn how to multitask, follow directions, solve problems, and pattern recognition, not to mention improving their hand-eye coordination and the speed of their thinking.

But what about other age groups? Well, for some adults, video games are a great form of accessible stress relief. And it is even better for elders. According to a study published in the US National Library of Medicine, video games can help fight dementia and have other beneficial effects on the aging population.


Smartphones are everywhere today – they are inevitable parts of everyday life for an entire generation. And we all use them to a different extent – some of us barely give them any attention, others can’t be sundered from them.

Of course, their extensive use has effects on our health – especially our mental health. But this effect can differ from one age group to another. Teenagers are seen as an especially vulnerable age group. Extensive smartphone use can have negative effects on their lives – but this is not true for all of them.

Actually, studies have shown that the majority of adolescents aged 11 to 19 are doing well in the digital age, using the internet – especially social media – to express themselves, display affection, improve their social relationships, and – surprisingly – it also improves their social connections and friendships in real life.

Adults, in turn, tend to dedicate a bit too much time to their smartphones – and sometimes this affects their interpersonal relationships. In extreme cases, it can even ruin marriages – one of the partners feels neglected and resentful, which leads to tension and feelings of neglect.

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