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How Dads Can Help Their Children Choose a Sport

Many kids are not very active today because of all the time they spend in front of their Gameboy or television. It would be great if you as a dad could get them interested in a sport.

I bet you are asking yourself how to do that. First, let me say for your more sedentary child it does not need to be one of the traditional sports like soccer, basketball or football.

Other such sports as volley ball, swimming, golf, karate, or even ballroom dancing are legitimate sports for your child to get involved in.

Here are some ideas for you dads as to what you can do to help your child find a sport for them.

Have them get a check up

Before any of you kids get involved in a sport you should take them to a pediatrician and have them get a check up to make sure they are physically capable of doing the sport.

I know you will be tempted to have you wife do this but it sure would help if you could follow through on this.

Variety of sports

Make sure your expose your child to a number of different sports so that they can get an idea of what they might like.

Let them try one each season and then after the year is over have them decide which one it is they want to follow. Don’t allow them to play more than one sport per season.

Signs of enthusiasm

Make sure you attend as many games and practices for your kids and look for signs of enthusiasm to get some idea which sport it is they may be enjoying more than others. Do they ask you to buy something special for one sport vs. another?

Do they tend to miss practices for one and not the other? Take all of these into consideration when you help them choose which sport they will be involved in.

Team or individual

As you watch your child see what they do better at. Are they the type of kid that works well on a team?

Are they a team player or do they do better with an individual sport like Karate or ice skating? Try to help them figure this out so they won’t be mismatched with a sport.

Body type

Make sure the sport your child chooses fits their body type. Why should you short and stocky son stress out over basketball when he might be doing much better at football.

Or why push you short petite daughter to play on the volleyball when she is dying to get out there and skate? Watch them, use your head and it will be very clear what their body is capable of doing.

Take responsibility

When your child is in a sport both you and the child need to take on the responsibility and discipline that is required.

If you take it on you will be a good role model and it will go a long way toward teaching your child that they need to be responsible and disciplined.

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