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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Your Confidence?

Improving the appearance of your teeth is the main reason people turn to cosmetic dentistry. A better, more dazzling smile can boost a person’s confidence. General dentistry focuses on the health of your mouth from cleanings to extractions.

Cosmetic dentistry gives you the option to change your smile for the better and improve your confidence. Consult an expert like Dr Michael Krochak DMD beforehand to find out the best treatment for you.

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Teeth Grinders

Over time, grinding and clenching your teeth can wear down the enamel and cause cracking or breaking of the teeth. Bruxism is fairly common and is often done unconsciously while sleeping. Straightening teeth or using porcelain onlays or inlays can be an effective treatment for bruxism and improve your bite.

Adding Veneers

The dentist bonds veneers or thin porcelain shells to the front of your teeth instantly boosting your smile. The treatment is used on groups of teeth or a single tooth suffering from discoloration. Veneers offer an alternative to braces but need to be replaced more often.

Whitening Teeth

While there are many at-home whitening kits on the market, they don’t offer the long-term benefits of professional whitening procedures. Achieve up to 16 shades whiter with laser and bleaching treatments. The number of treatments needed depends on the state of your teeth, but white teeth are something to show off.

Teeth Replacement

Whether you have broken a tooth or lost one to decay, tooth implants can improve your smile. The natural look of many implants matches the other teeth in your mouth.

Titanium screws are inserted into the jaw for a permanent solution. The implant often looks seamless with the surrounding teeth. In some instances, tooth bonding can help fix cracked or broken teeth.

Tooth-colored materials are bonded to the surface of the tooth. Reshaping the tooth works with bonding to help improve the appearance of stained or oddly shaped teeth.

Using Bridges

For those missing teeth, bridges offer a cheaper alternative to implants. The teeth on either side of the bridge are worn down and crowned with the pontic or fake tooth held between the crowns. The bridge looks completely natural.

Your smile improves with the missing tooth no longer being noticeable. In addition, eating becomes easier as there is no longer a gap. A bridge keeps other teeth from drifting to fill the hole and maintains your face shape.

Porcelain Crowns

Gone are the days of choosing only silver or gold crowns. Porcelain crowns closely match the surrounding teeth in your mouth, so no one knows you had work done.

While not truly cosmetic, crowns can improve the look of your smile while smoothing cracked or broken teeth. They can cover unsightly fillings and protect teeth from further decay in addition to looking beautiful.

Straightening Teeth

A straight smile is a beautiful smile, especially in today’s image-driven world. Orthodontics straighten your teeth using either traditional mental braces or Invisalign.

While many people associate orthodontia with teens, many adults benefit from straightening their smile. Invisalign offers a clear alternative for those not wanting the metal brackets and fun colors seen on the young.

Change your smile with cosmetic dentistry and see a whole new outlook on life. Improved confidence can help you at any point in your life.

As your teeth age, so does your smile. Even the healthiest teeth can show the effects of aging. Your teeth no longer have to give away your age. Let your general dentist keep your mouth healthy and let the cosmetic dentist boost your confidence with a megawatt smile.

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