There are many alternative ways to deal with health issues, from fighting cancer to fighting depression. When it comes to the use of art in healing, it can be used in many ways. There really is no one way to use art to help people heal.

On top of that, when you think about what all encompasses the term art, you see that it is a wide umbrella covering many art forms, from music and writing, to painting and sculpting. If you are suffering from an illness that is causing you pain, or simply affects your mind, here are some ways that art can help you heal and feel better.

Looking At Art

The simple act of walking through an art gallery, like Park West Gallery in Detroit, can make you feel relaxed and inspired. Spend some time looking at the art in the gallery, or museum, and try to understand what you are seeing. Put yourself in the painting even. This can be very therapeutic.

Art viewing has been used in mental health for a long time, with the use of the Rorschach test to determine a person’s way of seeing things. With the internet it is often used as a personality test, but it is used in the medical field to determine mental disorders like schizophrenia.

Not all art can be seen, so to speak. Listening to music is another way that art can help you heal. Music can aid in meditation, relaxation, and even motivation, depending on what you are listening to, and it is a great form of art that helps hands on as well.

Creating Art

It has been found that learning an instrument can actually make you a smarter person. It can also boost things like coordination and thought processes. It can heal depression, and make people feel like they have more of a purpose as well.

If you want to use music in therapy you’ll generally find that writing, drawing, and painting are some of the most common options, aside from playing music. There has been a huge boon in the coloring book industry, for adults, after studies showed that coloring is as good for the body and mind as meditation.

If you have a problem expressing your feelings, writing them down or creating art that expresses them can be a good way to get them out of your head, which can aid in letting go and healing, especially when it comes to mental health issues.

Art is an amazing thing that connects your mind and body, and lets you be expressive in a different way than simply speaking does. Use art in your daily life simply for a mood lift, or use it if you are suffering from depression or anxiety. Even pain can be quelled by the focus art expects from you.