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How are Hospitals Combating Harmful Bacteria on Location?


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A high percentage of hospitalized patients end up contracting illnesses because of harmful bacteria within medical centers, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A number of tactics are being employed to better combat harmful bacteria in hospitals.


Information Exchange

One crucial tactic hospitals are employing to combat harmful bacteria at their locations is information sharing. When dealing with harmful bacteria, including difficult to remediate viruses, a medical center may discover a useful procedure or protocol that can benefit other facilities is it is promptly and widely made available.

Towards the objective of rapid information sharing, specialized websites have been established by different groups or organizations as part of the effort to control and combat harmful bacteria at hospitals, medical centers and other locations.

The Massachusetts Hospital Association is a prime example of an organization that has developed a useful website for hospitals — not only in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, but elsewhere as well.

Dedicated Staff

Another crucial scheme being employed by a majority of hospitals as means of combating harmful bacteria on location is dedicating specific staff members to address the issue. While preventing the spread of harmful bacteria certainly is the obligation of all employees in a medical center, many hospitals now have specific staff members whose exclusive charge is developing, implementing and monitoring protocols and regimens to lessen the spread of harmful bacteria in a medical facility.

In-Service Training and Continuing Education

Issues surrounding harmful bacteria, including the types of bacteria and viruses that are causing the most significant problems, evolves over time. Indeed, gyrations can occur in this regard in very short speed.

In order to gain a better position in combating harmful viruses, hospitals are becoming more aggressive and proactive in implementing in-service training and continuing education programs for their staffs. This includes not only medical professionals but all other people who work within a medical center or hospital. This type of ubiquitous training approach is considered a value tool in lessening the spread of harmful bacteria in a hospital.

Focus on Clean, Safe Instrument Practices

Although it may seem like a given, clean and safe instrument practices can sometimes become at least somewhat lax in a medical center. The problem is that somewhat lax regulations can result in a spread of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, as a means of combating harmful bacteria, a redoubled effort is being made to ensure consistent clean, safe medical device manufacturing practices.

Patient Education

In addition to continually training and educating the staff, a more concerted effort is being made to educate patients on bacteria transmission and safety protocols. This is not going beyond merely handing a patient a lengthy document to read and about bacteria, viruses and infections.

Research reveals that the vast majority of patients simply do not read these materials, even when they sign a document indicating that they have read and understood the information.


In this day and age, as part of a comprehensive effort to combat harmful bacteria at a hospital location, patients are being presented with multimedia presentations providing them vital information in regard to this issue. Not only are patients more likely to take in the information initially, they also appear to be retaining it at a more significant level through this type of approach.

By engaging these tactics, the rate of illnesses caused by bacteria and virus transmission is decreased. The health of patients is enhanced, in the short and the long term.

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