The idea of sculpting bodies has been around for some time. Conventionally, people used body exercises and workouts to attain their desired body shapes. However, with continued advancement in technology, other options have come up. One of the commonly used ways of sculpting bodies today is through fat transfer.

Sculpting is about body shaping and acquiring the desired curves for your body. A very common technique is the Brazilian butt lift which involves removal of fat from one part of the body and injecting it into the butt. The result is obvious; a fuller butt and desirable slimming in the part where the fat was extracted from.

Body contouring is not a new practice but one that has been there for the longest time. What constantly changes are the modes of carrying out the various procedures. In a fat transfer process, a little invasion is done on the skin and after the transfer, the place gets sealed in a way that leaves no visible scars.

It also takes the patient only a few days to recover and get back to their normal daily routines. Most medical procedures that result in a particular correction in the body are quite complicated. This is not necessarily the case with fat transfer which is also referred to as fat grafting. The fact that you utilize your own body fat also makes it one of the procedures with the most natural effects. Here is how fat transfers can be used to sculpt your body:

Breast Enlargement

In this case, fat is extracted from one part of the body and injected into the breasts to make them fuller. The opposite of this procedure can also be carried out if you desire to have smaller breasts. The fat is instead harvested from the breasts and injected into another body part of your choice.

However, reducing the size of the breasts is not a very common procedure since most women fancy fuller breasts. Sizeable breasts do not on give your body desirable curves but also fit better into most fashionable clothes.

Butt Lifting

If you desire a bigger and a more rounded butt, then this procedure is the way to go. The harvested fat is injected in equal proportions. This requires a pro in the field of liposuction so that you can avoid uneven lifting which is quite unsightly.

However, this should not cause you to shy off from the process. The fact that the body uses its own fat from one part to build another reduces the chances of any complications. The injected fat is slowly assimilated into the cells of the recipient body part.

Waist Leaning

When fat is harvested from your waist, it leaves it leaner hence causing your body curves to be more pronounced. The advantage with a slimmer waist is that, even if the harvested fat is not injected into the hips or butt, your body will still look shapely. Body sculpting by fat transfer is more or less a natural process facilitated artificially.

Underarm Tightening

Sagging underarms have never been a sight to behold. Removing excess fat from the underarm makes them tighter. The skin penetrations made by the harvesting incisions also help in tightening the skin. As the skin heals, it pulls together to fill up the tiny holes made during suction and this causes the skin to tighten. You may be required to do some toning exercises to enforce the effect but the removal of fat will have played a big role already.

Tightening Thighs

Even though you may not want to look a little too thin, it is obvious that sagging thighs would also not flatter you. Liposuction is your to-go technique to achieve that desirable tightness. This process can be coupled up with some body toning exercises like weight lifting to achieve the best of results.

Also, since weight loss is a process, you are required to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the procedure so that you do not have to keep repeating. They say too much of everything is poisonous. However comfortable fat transfer may be, if it is overdone, it can cause adverse side effects and unnecessary discomfort.

You probably have heard about fat transfers and how people have been using them to sculpt their bodies. They have been found effective in giving them their desired body shape. Described in here are ways through which fat transfers can be used to sculpt your body.  It is important to understand how this happens before settling for the procedure.