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How Addictions are Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do


Drug addictions can destroy your life. Your mind, body, relationships, and career can all suffer greatly at the hands of drug addiction. There are specific negative effects that drug addiction can have on you that you should know about. This can help you understand the consequences of addiction and give you motivation to seek help.
AddictionsYour addiction is keeping you up at night:

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Different types of substances cause different effects when you’re addicted to them, but one thing many substances have in common is that they can give you insomnia or other sleep disturbances. Addictions to tranquilizers, stimulants, opioids, and alcohol can all keep you from getting enough sleep. Without sufficient sleep, you won’t be able to function well, and your physical health, social life, and professional life may all suffer. Sleep deprivation can lead to a weakened immune system, leaving you even more vulnerable to illness.

Addictions cause anxiety:

Like insomnia, anxiety can also be caused by those four main categories of drugs. Anxiety can be debilitating and extremely hard to live with, especially if you were predisposed to anxiety before you became addicted. Anxiety can rob you of your happiness.


Stimulants and alcohol are two substances that are known to cause depression if you become addicted. Depression is also very likely with any other kind of drug. Depression increases your risk of suicide, as well as increasing your risk of other illnesses, since the apathy and lethargy caused by depression can keep you from taking care of your health.

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You might be underweight:

Abuse of tranquilizers, stimulants, and opioids can all lead to an underweight BMI and malnutrition. This is both due to physical effects and psychological effects. Drugs can increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite, but they also can keep you from eating healthy because you’re spending all of your money on drugs. Nutrient deficiencies have hundreds of different negative effects on the body. Being underweight can also weaken your immune system, decrease your muscle strength, and cause infertility or pregnancy complications.

You may have a risk of brain damage:

Brain damage can take many different forms. Meth, for example, is neurotoxic, and can lead to nerve damage, organ failure, and ultimately death. Heavy alcohol consumption can also physically damage your brain. Addiction can lead to serious brain damage, which in turn can lead to dementia, neurological disorders, cognitive problems, and impaired memory.

Here’s what you can do:

It can seem impossible to beat drug addiction on your own. Detoxing by yourself can be ineffective at best, and lethal at worst. It’s necessary to detox with medical supervision in a professional rehab environment. In addition, you also need counseling and therapy to help you resolve your problems that caused your drug addiction in the first place, and to deal with the problems that your drug addiction is currently causing you.

To overcome your addictions, it’s important to check into a recovery center for men. Without drug or alcohol rehabilitation, it can be very difficult to break addictions. Find a recovery center to check into today, and you can work together with doctors and counselors to find freedom from addiction.

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