Homemade Orange Liqueur

During a citrus season, oranges, tangerine, grapes and other citrus fruits are at our disposal. You can enjoy making your own liqueur from your favourite citrus fruit.


To make your own orange liqueur, you will need to get ready some fresh oranges, peel the oranges and extract juice. But remember to keep some peels aside so as to give the citrus liqueur a stronger citrus flavour.

Ingredients Needed

The ingredients you’ll need for the homemade orange liqueur are;

  1. Two or three cups of orange juice
  2. Two cups of sugar
  3. One cup of water
  4. 750ml bottle of vodka

How to Prepare The Orange Liqueur?

Once ingredients are ready, preparing the liqueur is pretty easy. The preparation procedure is listed below.

  1. Scrape the white pith from the inside of the orange peel and discard it, then slice the peels and put into plastic jars(3-5 jars depending on the quantity you need).
  2. Pour water in a large saucepan, add the sugar to the water then heat until the sugar is dissolved.
  3. Allow sugar solution to cool then pour into orange juice and stir.
  4. Pour the bottle of vodka into the orange juice+sugar solution.
  5. Divide into the plastic jars and screw the caps then set aside for a month.
  6. When the one month of waiting is over, strain out the orange peels and your liqueur is ready.

If you have any question or suggestion do not forget to use the comment form below and we will respond.

Loveth Oghara
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