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Home Remedies to Reduce Acidity Problem

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Imbalance of digestive acid can occur stomach ache, acidity, bad breath and other symptoms. It affect the people of all ages. To overcome from pain and constipation, we take many pills and welcome other disease.

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It’s better to take home remedies that will not affect your body in the future. Those who suffer frequently from acidity may having an “acid in stomach”.

It occurs due to eat spicy food, lack of exercise, irregular eating habits, taking too much stress, or drink alcohol frequently can lead avidity problem.

It’s better to cure from it. If you are still suffering from severe stomach ache, don’t hesitate to take help of online medicine.

Scroll down and see some home remedies that can be used to treat acidity.

Drink excessive amount of water

Drinking 8-12 glasses of water may help you to reduce toxicant from the body. If you suffering from the problem of acidity, have a glass of water everyday early morning.

Do not drink water before and after meal immediately, as it can lead improper digestion and leave you with acidity. It’s time to change your irregular eating habit.

Still suffering from pain, you can use 1mg coupons to cut down your medicine cost and avail you under 24 hours. Water will help you to flush out excessive amount of acid from your body.

Basil leaves

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The soothing basil leaves may help you to get instant relief from the acidity. Simply eat basil leaves and chew thoroughly can not only help you in gas but also correct your motion. Another option is boil 4-5 leaves in the cup of water and leave it to get simmer.

After some time, you can drink the cup with honey. Don’t add milk in it and drink it frequently if suffer severe pain. You can even consult about these remedies to online medicine.


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Cinnamon is a good to improve your digestive system and work as natural antacids. Add half of teaspoon to your boiled cup of water and leave it for a moment.

And, you can drink it 3- 4 times in a day to improve acidity. You can also add cinnamon powder to your soup and salad to make your digestive system work well. You can take medicines along with home remedies.

Order online to cut down your cost by using 1mg coupons and avail you within 24 hours.


another best solution for acidity is butter milk. It contains lactic acid that help you to prevent from acidity. Either you can buy buttermilk or make it yourself. To get proper relief, drink many times in a day. Mix a half spoon of black pepper to get quick and fast result.

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Another best options to avoid acidity are cumin seeds, cloves and apple vinegar that you can have before meal. For more remedies, you can ask online medician without going anywhere and get acidity medicines in affordable cost by just apply 1mg coupons.

Medicines will reach at your doorstep. Take the precautions timely and hassle free.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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