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7 Home Remedies to Lose Belly fat Fast

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Nowadays Belly fat has become a very common issue for most of the people and they feel embarrassed with their situation. There are many medicines and capsules that are available but these can harm health. Regular exercise and proper diet is recommended for the person wants to lose belly fat. We know everyone wants to have straight belly as fast as possible. So here in this post we are sharing some of the best home remedies by which one can lose abdominal fat easily.

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There are many fat burning spices and food items that can decrease the fat in few days. You can easily prepare your food at home that can reduce your belly fat.

Green Tea:

Green tea is known to be the best boost up for metabolism. Regular sip of green tea can reduce belly fat in few weeks. Having 3-4 cups of fresh Green Tea daily can reduce 5-6 pounds in 7-8 weeks. Some people had a thought that the taste of Green Tea is not good and hesitate in drinking Green Tea. So here is a recipe of fresh green Tea that will lose your fat and will give you a quite good taste.

Green tea recipe to reduce belly fat

  • Green Tea bag or 4-5 Green Tea leaves
  • Lemon Juice-1/2 tbsp.
  • Mint – 4-5 leaves
  • Hot Water-1 cup
  • Honey- 1-2 tbsp.

How to prepare green tea:

In take hot water in a pan and add mint leaves and Green tea leaves (bag) into hot water. Then cover it and let it reside for 2-3 minutes. Now strain the water and add lemon juice and honey in it. Mix and sip your Green tea and you can also let it cool in freeze for 15-20 minutes but always drink fresh Green tea.

Lemon water:

Lemon water can be used to detoxify liver as due to being toxic liver can’t metabolize properly and that can lead to fat on your belly. Lemon water is a very easy to prepare recipe at home and also it is good for health. Always take fresh lime water in the morning and check the recipe of fresh lime water here:

Lemon water recipe to reduce belly fat

  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 glass Warm Water


Take a fresh lemon, squeeze it in warm water and drink it on empty stomach in the morning. Don’t eat or drink anything after lemon water for about 1 hour. Regular use of lemon water will give you results in few days. Also you can add little honey to it that will make it a healthy drink for you.

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Ginger Lemon tea:

Ginger is known as the best agent to digest food. But it also helps in increasing the body temperature, and releases stress anxiety that is the reason behind belly fat. If body temperature increases then the fat starts burn and that is what we want. For reducing belly fat you should use Ginger in your daily food. Must try Ginger tea for your purpose and you can check the recipe for Ginger tea here:

Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe to reduce Belly fat

  • Ginger- 1 inch
  • Water 2 cups
  • 1 lemon
  • Honey- 1tbsp

How to prepare Ginger Lemon Tea:

Boil water in a pan and in this boiling water add crushed Ginger. Let the water with ginger boil on simmer for 5-8 minutes till 2 cups of water turns to 1 cup of water. Take up the pan and strain water in cup. Add Lemon juice and honey in the water and mix well. Drink tea regularly twice a day and see the results in 2 weeks. You will feel fresh and healthy whole day long if you take Ginger lemon tea regularly.


cinnamon can help you in reducing the belly fat as Cinnamon increase the body temperature. Take utmost 1 tbsp of cinnamon daily in your diet and see the results. Cinnamon can be used to sprinkle on salad and beverages.

Important Note: use Ground Cinnamon only. Do not use Cinnamon Bark Oil as this can lead to harmful diseases.

Avoid excess sugar:

Sugar is one of the main reasons that increase fat. Try to take the food that contains less sugar as intake of sugar in excess can harm your metabolism. More you take the sugar; more glycogen will be stored in your liver. Excess glycogen can lead the liver to produce fat and that will create a problem for you. So try to take less Sugar in your diet.

Take proper meal:

Take your nutritious meal with rich carbohydrates and less sugar. Don’t skip your meal instead take three times meal that is in morning, noon and night. Some people have a thought that skipping their meal can reduce their weight but that is not true. If your body is starving then it starts storing food in the form of fats and that makes your belly look fat. So take your meal regularly.


Daily exercise can reduce not only belly fat but also whole body fat. You can do some simple exercises for 15-20 minutes daily and that will reduce your fat in few days. Walking aerobics, yoga, running will make you fit and healthy. Exercises are very beneficial to remove extra fat from body.

Regular exercises and proper nutritious diet can help you in removing belly fat very fast. Also if you regularly follow this then you will never get fat on your body. So keep doing this and stay fit and healthy. Check more natural remedies and health related tips in other post.

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