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Home Remedies for Vitiligo Which You Probably Didn’t Know


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Vitiligo is an autoimmune skin disease in which the melanin producing cells of the skin are destroyed. Melanin is a pigment which gives the skin and hair their coloration. The patches of skin affected with vitiligo are white and the hair on those patches also turns white.


Vitiligo symptoms therefore include patches of white and brown coloration on the skin of the sufferers. Vitiligo makes the skin sensitive to sunlight and UV rays since melanin is also the pigment that protects the skin from diseases caused by sunlight. Other than that it also makes the victim feel insecure about his or her appearance and may cause depression or some other mental disorder.

Fortunately for the vitiligo sufferers, other than medical treatment to control the spread of the disease, they can also use some home remedies to control the disease and make the skin a little less discolored as well. We have listed out some of these remedies for you below:

Red Clay

Red clay is a very common home remedy for vitiligo. The main reason why red clay is useful for vitiligo is because of the high copper content in the clay. Just combine some red clay with a table juice of ginger extract and apply it on the un-pigmented patches on the skin to relieve yourself of the symptoms of vitiligo.


Turmeric is also a very effective remedy for vitiligo. You can mix it with lemon, ginger extract or even mustard oil and apply it to the affected areas. You will see results guaranteed.


Another effective and easy remedy for vitiligo is papaya. Along with being a delicious fruit, it is also great for non-pigmented skin due to vitiligo. Cut papayas into small pieces and rub it on the patches that you need to restore to normal pigmentation. You can even apply it after mashing the small pieces. Melanin cells are also said to be restored after your eat the papaya or drink papaya juice which is essential for controlling the spread of the disease.

Babchi Seeds

Make a paste out of tamarind and babchi seeds and apply it to the white patches of skin for a couple of weeks to eliminate the symptoms of vitiligo.

Copper Mineral

Copper is an essential mineral which our body needs to function normally and the requirement is covered through most of the foods we eat. Copper is said to destroy the free radicals which kill melanin producing cells and it also promotes the production of melanin in the skin. It can be found in chocolates, watermelon, ginger and chillis. Be sure to not take toxic doses of copper as they cause unpleasant reactions in the body.


Lastly on the list we have cinnamon. To relieve the skin of the white patches, another remedy we can make use of is cinnamon. Mix some cinnamon powder with a bit of milk to make a paste and apply it on the affected areas.

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