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Home Remedies for an Hourglass Figure


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Curvaceous figures are back in vogue. That’s right, the hour of the hourglass figure is back again. People everywhere are drooling over fashion magazine tabloids when you see Hollywood’s favorite celebs strutting their perfect hourglass figures down the red carpet. You cannot help but dream of having an hourglass figure yourself only to be let down by your current look. Well don’t worry, you’re not alone!


It’s easy to wonder how these divas manage to have such perfectly sculpted figure with voluminous butts. The answer is ‘not easily’. These divas and celebrities are human as well and nature might have given them beauty and shape in their genes, but they have to work hard to maintain every aspect of their body.

The first thing you need to know about having an hourglass figure is that a lot of work goes into it. You can’t, realistically, sit on your butt the whole day and pray for it to grow. That might happen with very high chances that you will gain weight all over. An hourglass figure requires the right amount of weight gain, sculpting your weight properly and maintaining it. How do you do that without going under the knife?

Start at home. You can achieve your perfect hourglass figure at home with a little work and a lot of dedication.
Hourglass Figure


If you want to achieve that perfect celebrity hourglass figure, it would be a great idea to find out what your favorite celebrities do to maintain their hourglass figures. These celebrities usually have trainers for their exercise and chefs who make special diet food for them. You don’t need all that. What you need is an inspiration that the celebrities exercise hard and cut back on their food to maintain their figures and you need to do the same.

It’s very helpful to have sources of encouragement and inspiration wherever you spend most time. For example, if you spend a lot of time on Facebook, following some fitness and health Facebook pages is extremely helpful.


You don’t have to follow an exercise routine of a celebrity or a specific trainer. Remember your body is different from others.

If you want to enhance your body shape, search online for exercises that reduce weight while enhancing your butt size. Try them to find out which one you can do easily every day. Doing squats and pumps can really enhance your butt muscles and help you get a nice, big firm butt you can flaunt.

Nutrition and Diet

Enhancing your butt muscles does not mean that you should keep eating to put on weight. The butt muscles like any other muscle need proper nutrition to grow and become strong. You have to concentrate on the quality of food that you are consuming. Your food should be low in fat and high in protein, fiber and vitamins. You are concentrating on building muscle not fat in your butt.

If you build your arms’ muscles, they increase in size. Same is the case with every other muscle in your body. Take care of your protein intake. Use supplements to fulfil your vitamin and protein needs.


Butt Muscle Stimulation

This might seem odd, but we are talking about building and toning your butt muscles. For that we also need to increase the blood flow to them and give them proper heat and stimulation to grow.

You can take help from your partner or your friend or go to a masseuse weekly to massage your butt. There are butt toners and moisturizers easily available in the market. These products are specially made to be used on butts. These products enhance the muscular growth, while moisturizing the skin of your butt and keep it silky smooth.

You can also use bum muscle stimulation devices such as rollers, scrubs and massagers to stimulate your butt muscles and give them relaxing heat and movement that will help in toning and sculpting your butt muscles to perfection.

With these three easy and basic home remedies, you can also achieve a toned, shaped butt and a perfect hourglass figure like your favorite celebrity.

Author Bio:

James Jones is a writer, who resides in New York City. Originally from Los Angeles, California, James’s career started after getting his BA from UCLA where he studied Sociology and Theater. After graduating, he started writing. His preferred topics to write about include Yoga, Fitness & health in general etc. When he is not writing, James works in the entertainment industry as a model. Be in Contact On Twitter, Facebook

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