Experiencing signs of aging like joint stiffness, tiredness is not something that anyone would like to face especially when one is just in the 30s or 40s. This is because of lack of HGH or human growth hormone. The pituitary gland in the brain is responsible for the production of HGH in the body. This level drops as you grow older in age. Although being an adult you don’t grow and develop any longer, HGH still serves a lot of purposes.

A lot of adults start noticing benefits of HGH immediately. Also, a majority of these supplements take months to show progress but many people who take natural and safe HGH supplements start seeing mental as well as physical results in a short period of time.

So, let’s take a look at what all you can expect from HGH supplements:

  • Enhanced sexual drive along with considerable improvement in sexual performance
  • Better sleep resulting in restful night
  • Improvement in vision, memory, hearing etc
  • Enhanced levels of energy and less fatigue
  • Fewer mood swings, anxiety, and depression
  • Better and enhanced muscle tone, improved skin and hair, reduced wrinkles
  • Better immune system
  • Reduced muscle and joint pain
  • Relief from various issues like enlarged organs
  • Better pulmonary/cardio system

Now let’s talk in detail about the HGH benefits that you experience and see if these benefits are worth taking the best HGH supplements or not.

Increased energy, better sports performance, and recovery

Enhanced energy levels are the first benefit that you will start seeing within a period of 30 to 90 days after you start the HGH treatment. It is easier to recognize that you have more energy than to recognize that the bones are getting stronger or the immune system getting better. So, we can say that it is the benefit of enhanced energy that manifests itself at first place.

Improved energy and endurance are the actual results of a lot of individual benefits that increasing HGH levels can bring out. Restoring HGH levels can help to improve the cardiac system as well as lung function with a greater oxygenated supply of blood. The end result is more energy to workout harder and for a longer time. If you are good at sports, high endurance is the best way to greater accomplishments. The proven results of HGH treatment like memory retention, improved sleep, cardiovascular function, weight loss etc all contribute in giving us energy and the capacity to maintain that level of energy into old age.

Enhanced Muscle Strength

HGH has been known to enhance the physical capacity of people through stimulating the collagen synthesis in skeletal muscle and tendons, thus increasing overall muscle strength and enhancing exercise performance. A study of 14 men in the age group of 50 and 70 years was taken in two groups. 7 people were given HGH treatment with 7 placebo subjects and were re-evaluated after 6 months. After the period of 6 months, there was a great increase in leg press responsiveness muscles in HGH group. The study thus concluded an increase in muscle strength in lower body after HGH was administered in healthy adult men.

In the HGH deficient men, participants that were administered long-term HGH experienced a normalization of the muscles, better exercise capacity and enhanced thermoregulation as well as body composition.

Better weight loss

Obese people have a very restricted response to HGH stimuli release and so after reduction in weight, this hormone responsiveness can be complete or partial. HGH accelerates lipolysis which is the breakdown of the lipids and includes hydrolysis of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids. Impaired choice of HGH results in loss of the lipolytic effect. HGH treatment effects and dietary limitations on lipolytic and anabolic actions and changes in HGH secretion were studied in a study that was published in Hormone Research. 24 obese people were put on hypocaloric diet and were treated using recombinant HGH or placebo in double-blinded 12 weeks study.

As a consequence, HGH therapy caused 1.6 fold increase in total weight loss with greatest loss being of the visceral fat as compared to placebo.

Talking about the placebo group, there was considerable loss of lean body mass whereas lean body mass was gained in HGH group. The study thus suggests that in obese people that eat a calorie-restricted diet, HGH accelerates the loss of fat and improves the secretion of GH. So, HGH can serve a therapeutic function to help the obese people to lose weight.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

The HGH deficient adults have increased the threat of cardiovascular disease, resulting in reduced life expectancy. 104 patients in Sweden who are HGH deficient were studied. These people had high body mass and triglyceride concentration as compared to the controls. These results thus suggest that lipoprotein metabolism is changed by HGH deficiency, thus increasing the threat of cardiovascular diseases.

Improved cognitive function and mood

Quality of psychological well being and overall life are restored as GH treatment in HGH deficient people are administered. A study in Lithuania investigated changes in mood, concentration level, and cognitive function are also restored when HGH treatment is provided. 18 patients suffering from GH deficiency were there in the study and HGH was administered in 12 IU each week.

Due to this, mood and cognitive function increase significantly after 6 months of the treatment, as per mood scales. Ths study suggests that taking HGH can be a possible treatment to improve the mood and cognitive function in adults that are HGH deficient.

Lowered blood pressure

HGH treatment improves lung and cardiac function, the two benefits that can easily help to reduce blood pressure. In the studies of HGH deficient people, HGH therapy reduced the overall diastolic blood pressure by approximately 10 percent. Another way through which HGH treatment helps to reduce the level of blood pressure is through allowing people to exercise for long that in turn yields better fitness and weight loss. The benefits of a good exercise regime and weight loss are well documented with respect to control of blood pressure.

Improved erectile dysfunction

It has been suggested in studies that HGH is responsible for sexual maturation and reproductive function in men while deficiency is linked with loss of sexual desire and erection. 35 healthy men and 45 participants with ED problem were exposed to visual and tactile stimuli to elicit penile tumescence in a study conducted in Germany. The increase in HGH was more than 90 percent as determined during the developing penile tumescence, which was followed by transient reduction afterward. The study suggests that penis erection can be induced by HGH through stimulating activity on the human corpus cavernosum muscle, thus making it a natural remedy for the problem of impotency.

There are in fact various other benefits associated with HGH therapy as well. Hope you have got an idea as to what all you can enjoy with HGH treatment.