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Here Are The Best Times For You To Drink Water


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Water is a life saver if you drink water at the right time. Drinking pure, clean water can do so much in keeping your body fresh and running smoothly. Water also helps in keeping your body hydrated daily, helps to protect your health and maintain the balance of the body fluids.


The body uses water in all its cells, tissues and organs to regulate the body temperature and maintain other functions in the body. And since the body continually losses water through sweating, breathing and digestion, it is important to drink enough water to help the body function properly. Below are the best times to drink when your body needs water most.

  1. When you wake up from sleep in the morning.
  2. Before meal between meals.
  3. When you’re hungry.
  4. Before going for a workout.
  5. After a workout.
  6. When you’re ill.
  7. When you’re tired

When you wake up from sleep in the morning:

Starting your day with a glass of water helps to wake up your body system. It also helps to keeps you going during the day especially when you skipped breakfast.

When you drink a glass of water in the morning it actually tells your body that its time to get going and helps the circulatory system to push or flush out stubborn residue from burned calories the body used during the night’s metabolism.

Before Meal

When you take a glass of water before a meal, it keeps your body hydrated and makes you feel fuller.

When your body is hydrated, the body is prepared for food this is because water helps to moisturize the lining of the stomach so that acidic food will not be uncomfortable in the stomach and also wake up the taste buds.

Taking water before meal can also help to clean the mouth and clear left over taste from previous meal or drinks.

When You’re Hungry Between Meals:

Drinking a glass of water when hungry in between meals will help to keep you hydrated and full before the next meal is ready. It can also help to make you fuller if you settle for snacks before the next meal is ready.

Before Going for a Workout

Depending on your body’s fluid level, it is important to drink one or two glasses of water before going for a workout to help protect your body against dehydration during and after the workout.

Drinking a glass of water before going for a workout during warm weather helps to guard against heat stroke.


After a Workout

After a workout, you may need to drink a lot of water to replace the body fluids lost through perspiration.

The amount of water your body will need may also depend on the weather in which you exercised in or your health. But do not drink a lot of water immediately after the workout to avoid stomach cramps.

When you’re Ill

When you’re ill, you’ll need to drink a lot of fluid this include water to help you get better. Some medication may require a lot of fluid intake to reduce side effects and maintain the body fluid balance. For some people drinking eight to ten glasses of water per day is a good goal.

When You’re Tired

Feeling tired is a sign of dehydration. So sometimes when you feel tired but can’t sleep it could be that your body is giving you a sign that it needs water. Taking one or two glasses of water at that time will make you feel hydrated and refreshed.

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