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Herbal Remedies to Cure Common Causes of Fever and Headache in Children

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Children usually suffer from fever, headache, and dizziness during seasonal climate changes. Some of the common causes for this fever, headache, and dizziness include middle ear infection, sinus, meningitis, hypertension, Bacterial pneumonia, etc.

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To overcome these common causes in children, here are some natural herbal remedies that can help you in curing them easily:

Middle ears infection remedies:

This is very common infection in children’s middle ear. It is very painful, which the children cannot bear easily.

To overcome ear infection, just crush the garlic and warm it along with virgin olive oil.

  1. Wait for few minutes, so that the mixture cools down.
  2. When it comes to room temperature, pour few drops of this mixture in to the ear for 3 -4 times in a day.

This remedy will definitely work well.

Children’s sinus infection remedies:

Sinus is one of the common causes of cold, which creates difficulty in breath intake mostly during winter and spring seasons. To have a relief for this condition, here are some natural remedies:

Steam intake is very easy relief technique, which clears the mucus membrane in the nasal bones and gets relief quickly.

  1. Using warm cloth (not hot) on children’s face also clears the mucus from nose.
  2. Giving water and juices as much as they can drink whole day will keep the child hydrated. This will help to clear the child from sinus infection.
  3. Vitamin-A and Vitamin-C usage in regular diet can help to decrease the sinus infection.

Meningitis Remedies for children:

Meningitis is very common infection found in children than adults. This infection is mainly surrounded through brain and spinal cord, and it causes severe headache, fever and some neck problems. To overcome this, follow these simple home remedies:
Mainly taking rest without any physical strain for 2-3 days.

  1. Drinking more juices is very good option.
  2. Having a healthy diet like bread, milk etc.
  3. With all the above you should take some medications as suggested by your physician.

High blood pressure remedies for children:

High blood pressure is also called as hypertension. It is mainly caused by heart problems in children from birth itself. Natural remedies for curing this are as follows:
By taking garlic clove with water in the morning decreases the high blood pressure.

  1. Make a juice with 20-30 curry leaves and water and have it regularly in the morning.
  2. Taking a tbsp Melon and poppy seeds grounded mixture everyday in the morning.
  3. Mixture of honey with ginger juice and cumin powder daily morning and evening is better one.

Bacterial pneumonia remedies for children:

This infection is mainly affected in lungs. The common symptoms of this disease are high fever, cough and weakness. Natural remedies for this are as follows:

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Take a bowl and add few drops of lavender and some garlic cloves. Crush them and apply the mixture on the chest part each hour. This helps in fast healing.

  1. Water vapor is must to heal quickly better arrange it in children’s room.
  2. Massaging with hot water bag on the child’s chest can also help in controlling these symptoms.
  3. You can even give some vitamin C,D to affected children.
  4. Try to keep up an upright position in the sleep.
Herbal Remedies
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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