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Helpful Tips for Managing Moderate to Severe Allergies


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More than 50 million people suffer from moderate to severe allergies. From hay fever and indoor allergies, to specific allergic reactions, allergy triggers are diverse. Are you searching for a way to get a handle on your moderate to severe allergies?


If so, you are in the right place. Here you can learn about some of the most effective strategies to help you overcome seasonal allergies and avoid the annoying sneezing, coughing and other issues that accompany this problem.

Know Your Triggers

As the weather continues to get warmer outside, mold and pollen continues to float in the air. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, be sure to check the local pollen forecast. This will let you know if you need to limit your time outdoors.

Trap Issues Indoors

Do you want to get rid of allergens inside your home? If so, you need to invest in HEPA filters. The best way to reduce the presence of allergens inside is by vacuuming your home (and office) at least once a week. Be sure the vacuum uses a HEPA filter if you want the allergen-reducing results.
If you have central air conditioning and heating, it’s also a good idea to use HEPA filters here.

Talk to Your Doctor

There are countless over-the-counter medications for you to try to get relief from your allergies. However, if you have tried them all, but nothing has worked, then it may be time to seek professional help.

Doctors can help you find a better, more effective solution, such as allergy shots or prescription medications. If you do receive a prescription, be sure to use an online Canadian pharmacy to get it filled quickly and for an affordable price.

Defend Your Bed

Did you know that you spend, on average, a third of your life asleep? Since you are spending so much time in bed, the last thing you want to do is share this space with allergens, such as dust mites.
If you have had your mattress or pillow for several years, then it’s time to invest in replacements.

When you get new ones, be sure to encase them in allergen-proof covers that will zip closed. Also, keep the clothes you wear outside and your pets out of your bedroom.

Go Outside After the Sun Goes Down

On high pollen days, you should stay inside while the sun is up. This is when the pollen counts are going to be their highest. Get outdoors when the sun goes down. Make sure you shower as soon as you get home to prevent the allergens from floating around inside.

Consider Installing New Flooring

If you have carpet in your house right now, you may want to think about making the switch to hardwood, linoleum or tile flooring. These are much easier to clean, and they won’t hold onto allergens like carpet can.


When it is time to clean this type of flooring, be sure to use a damp mop. Sweeping is only going to stir up the allergens that trigger your symptoms.

Bathe Your Furry Friends

There is no such thing as a dog or cat that is hypoallergenic. Both of these animals can spread allergens in their urine, dander (the dead skin cells) and their saliva. By bathing and brushing your four-legged friend regularly, you can reduce allergens in your home.

Allergies are a fact of life for some. However, even if you have severe allergy symptoms, there are steps you can take to reduce them. Using the information here will help you live a healthier and happier life.

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