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Addiction can be the gateway to death and destroy relationships with family and friends. If you suspect someone suffering from drug addiction, help them to overcome the problem.

Addiction is a chronic disease, and the recovery of an addict does not come easy. To wisely deal with the life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, and prevent relapse, professional help from a Drug Rehab center can help.

But before you become a part of Rehab therapy, or suggest it to any of your friends or family members, you must know about the signs and symptoms. After that, you can get all the help you meet from rehab.

Common Signs Of Drug Addiction

The signs and symptoms of addiction may differ depending upon the type of substance a person consumes.

Some of the common symptoms of drug addiction are:

Behavioural Changes

  • Developing problems in daily life.
  • Lying about substance abuse.
  • Depressed or angry behaviour when not consuming drugs.
  • Mood swings and anxiety.
  • No social activity.
  • Criminal behaviour.

Physical Changes

  • Intoxicated all the time.
  • Bloodshot Eyes.
  • Poor memory and unusual tiredness.
  • Rapid fluctuations in weight.
  • Poor grooming or hygiene.

Want to help someone with an addiction? Here is what you can do:

Whether you want to help someone who  never been  into detoxification or someone who is in its  recovery phase, but relapsing;

Here are certain things you must consider that can help:

Show Care And Compassion

An addict must be treated with tough love by the people around them to bring positive change in their life. Without care and compassion, a person may feel alone or depressed that might drive him to take more drugs.

The negative social influence is also the biggest barrier in the recovery, but the right compassion and support can motivate a person to live a healthy and drug-free life.

By showing compassion and care, you can make a person understand how their actions are affecting them physically or mentally.

The positive influence and social support can be a key to get a person into the drug detox facility. Although, you must understand the difference between enabling and supporting.

Some ways to show compassion and care are:

  • Ask questions.
  • Listen and acknowledge the pain.
  • Understand the addiction.
  • Show care and concern.
  • Guide them in the right direction.

Encourage Healthy Habits

When a person is suffering from addiction, they often ignore their physical and mental health. People usually maintain poor hygiene and eating habits which affects the overall.

You can encourage a person to live in a structured environment, develop healthy eating habits, perform daily activities to improve their lifestyle. You can suggest them to seek out treatment to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Stay Positive

Addiction can destroy a person’s life, relationship with friends and family members. This disease has no cure, but a person can remain in recovery for the rest of their life.

All this needs positive motivation and encouragement to achieve the targeted results. Help your loved ones to sustain a long and meaningful life without depending upon drugs.

It’s Time For Intervention!

Interventions include the group of family and friends led by experts like therapists or interventionists. These professionals conduct meetings and sessions to make sure that everyone stays supportive and encouraging to help the person with their drug problem. 

Helping someone suffering from drugs takes a lot of patience, efforts, knowledge, and empathy. Addiction is dangerous for everyone; including the addicts, their family and friends.

It can destroy relationships, end up in a career, and leave a person alone for the rest of his life. Recognising addiction is hard, but it is important to be optimistic and get reliable support from rehab when necessary.

So, if you are concerned about yourself for drugs, or want your friend or family member to get out of the addiction trap, find the best Drug Rehab Centre and get the necessary help.

In rehab, an experienced and well-qualified team of medical counsellors, doctors, therapist, psychiatrist available 24/7 to help an addict in overcoming the addiction.

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