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Heart Problems: How to Prevent Yourself from Having a Heart Attack

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A heart attack is a horrifying experience that can permanently alter a person’s life. Although some heart problems are hereditary, most can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are five proven ways to prevent a heart attack.

Reduce stress

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High levels of stress will definitely increase your likelihood of having a heart attack. Anxiety triggers the body to produce excessive amounts of cortisol, which has been known to cause irregular heartbeats. If you are dealing with negative stress, take the necessary steps to get your life in order. Instead of working overtime at a stressful job, enjoy your free time.


Regular exercise remains one of the most important aspects of good health. Working out on a regular basis will lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. According to health experts, you should strive to exercise at least three times a week.

Simply walking around your local neighborhood is better than just sitting around. While some people prefer to join a gym, there are also numerous physical activities than can be done at home.

Get enough sleep

Some people tend to underestimate the importance of sleep. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep can put an incredible amount of strain on your heart. In order to obtain a good night’s sleep, you must limit your caffeine intake. Studies have shown that caffeine can stay in your system for over 10 hours. Contrary to popular belief, drinking alcohol can actually disrupt your natural sleep cycle.

Consult a specialist

If you have been diagnosed with a potential heart problem, it is always a good idea to consult a specialist. Advanced facilities such as ICE, Institute of Cardiovascular Excellence treat and manage a wide variety of different heart conditions.

Unlike a traditional family physician, a heart specialist has extensive training in the field of cardiovascular health. Under the guidance of a heart specialist, many people are able to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Take an aspirin a day

Although aspirin has been used for thousands of years, it is still very effective at preventing heart attacks. When consumed in low dosages, aspirin helps to ward off blood clots. On the other hand, consuming too much aspirin can promote internal bleeding. Always talk with your doctor before deciding to take aspirin on a daily basis.

Remember, people of all ages can suffer from a heart attack. These five tips will surely help you to avoid this serious health problem.

Heart Attack
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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Heart Attack
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