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Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Mouth and Teeth


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Healthy mouth and teeth are key to living healthy and enjoying quality in life. You already know how important role brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning and mouth rinsing play in helping us maintain a superior dental or oral health. But the question is, are these daily oral routines enough to help you maintain the desired level of oral health?


Well, you must know that oral care is just one aspect of keeping the mouth, teeth and gums healthy. It’s very much possible that oral problems get to you despite your timely care to your teeth and mouth. Because, foods also have a big role to play in shaping your oral health.

Healthy Nutrition

Your diet can be the difference between healthy teeth and diseased tooth, or between a disease-free mouth or a mouth with oral issues. Even if you follow dental health religiously, bad food choices might come in your way and prevent from having a superior oral health.

You should know that;

  • Health mouth and teeth are only possible when you are good at oral care and diet
  • Not choosing right foods can cause a variety of dental challenges
  • Consuming too much of sugary items can lead to the risk of tooth decay and premature tooth loss
  • Acids from foods and drinks are known to cause a lot of damage to our teeth and gums
  • Not being careful with nutrition to mouth and teeth can cause a host of oral troubles
  • There are both good foods and bad foods when it comes to dental health and you must choose the former
  • A right selection of foods can help in many ways, from preventing cavities to gum disease to fleshing your breath to whitening your teeth

Quite clearly, you can see how foods are key if you want healthy teeth and mouth. They provide right and healthy nutrition that ensure nourishment to the mouth and teeth and gums.

Make sure your regular diet includes these key nutrients if you want your teeth, gums and mouth to stay healthy

Calcium and phosphorous

Your teeth and gums need calcium and phosphorous on a regular basis to perform to their optimum and stay healthy. These key minerals become more important to those whose diet includes too much of acidic foods and drinks. They are thus at risk of causing erosion to their enamel. Because enamel is all minerals and largely made up of calcium and phosphorus, you can include these nutrients in your regular diet and keep your teeth strong. Some of best sources of calcium include almonds, cheese, yoghurt and low-fat milk. To get calcium, include eggs, tofu, fish and nuts in your daily diet.

Firm, crunchy foods high in water


Foods that are firm, crunchy and high in water are very helpful in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. By eating them regularly, you can assist in saliva production in the mouth which is a great way to neutralize the acidity of foods. More so, these foods work as nature’s toothbrush and they can help clean away food particles and plaque stuck between the teeth or in your mouth. You can chew raw fruits and vegetables on a regular basis to maintain a superior dental health. Some of best foods that are crunchy and high in water include apples, carrots and cucumbers.

Vitamin D

You have already seen how calcium is great for your dental health. But did you know the nutrient that is essential to the body in making it absorb calcium better? Yes, it’s Vitamin D which is not only essential for the bones and teeth but also for the overall health. Sunlight is easily the best source of this vitamin and your outside exposure can help enrich the body with this vitamin in a natural way. You can also eat fish, egg yolks and cod liver oil to get the body Vitamin D on a regular basis.

Vitamin C

If you want to keep your gums healthy, eat more of foods rich in vitamin C and stay on the right side of your dental health. This powerful vitamin not only strengthens blood vessels but also minimizes inflammation, and both the conditions are key to keeping your gums stringer and healthier. More importantly, this vitamin also helps in the production of a key protein – collagen – that assists people in keeping away the risk of periodontal disease. If you body lacks this vitamin, your gums can turn sensitive over time and there will be a greater risk of the bacteria causing periodontal disease. Some of best food sources of this vitamin include oranges, kale, strawberries and broccoli.


Your body needs antioxidants on a regular basis to stay healthy and maintain its defence system. They are great for preventing the growth of bacteria known for causing inflammation. This is how you minimize the risk of periodontal disease and keep your gums healthy. Nothing helps as much as antioxidants do when it comes to protecting the body against cell damage and bacterial infection. The best part, they are also needed to keep your skin refreshing and rejuvenation, and for keeping ageing at bay. You can eat apples, beans, nuts and grapes and get the steady supply of antioxidants to the body.


You should know that your body has both, good and bad bacteria in ample amount. Both set of bacteria are needed to keep the body healthy and letting it stay at their optimal best. Probiotics are the good ones which are known promote healthy gums by minimizing plaque risk in the mouth. Clearly, they are good for keeping your dental and oral health in the best possible shape. Yoghurt is one of the best sources for probiotics.

Author Bio:


Iftekhar is a well-known dental health blogger who loves sharing information on oral and dental care. You can benefit from his researched materials and know where to find best dental clinic in the town. His blog can help you stay on top of your dental health.

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