As unpleasant as it seems, stress is a part of life. It can happen in the form of meeting deadlines at work, not scoring the desired marks in exams, monetary problems and so on. Occurrence of stress once in a while is quite natural, however, it’s the continuous experiencing of stress that is alarming and proven to be dangerous for health.

People all around the globe have accepted stress as a potential health menace. Thus, experts across the globe are trying to find ways in which this menace can be combated and its effects minimized.

Out of many ways of combating stress, healthy eating has been the most recommended one by the experts. The lines below explain how stress affects the body and the best healthy eating options in this regard.

Stress And The Body

Occasional stress triggers the alert condition in the body. In response to a particular even the body becomes alert and until the event has passed the body copes up with it by staying in the same condition.

Such a condition is quite natural. However, when the duration of strength increases, and the body stays in the alert condition for long, the immune system of the body becomes weak. We all know that once the immune system becomes weak, the chances of attack of diseases on the body increase, thus causing us to become ill.

Therefore, all the diseases such as depression, heart diseases and nervous breakdown occur because the immune system of the body becomes weak and is unable to combat the increasing and continuous stress condition.

Eating To Combat Stress

Albeit overeating is one of the major vices associated with stress, however, if right eating be adopted, one can effectively combat stress and reduce the health destruction it causes. Like there are healthy sports nutritional supplements that provide extra energy to the athletes so that their bodies bear the extra pressure of workout, similarly, right eating can also help combat stress. Some factors  you must consider in this regard are as follows:

Balanced Meals

The most important combative measure you can take to minimize the effects of stress is balanced meals. When your body is under stress and on the alert mode, it tends to suck all the nutrition out of your body.

Therefore, it is imperative that you eat healthy with emphasis on proteins and carbs, as proteins satiate hunger and keep you full, while carbs supply energy both of which are extremely important under stressful conditions.

No Skipping Of Meals

Most of the people during the times of stress skip meals, as a result of it they face a drastic fall in the energy levels, which by no means is healthy for the body. Therefore, in situations of stress you must not quit a meal, rather despite how adverse the circumstances are, you must focus on eating your regular meals.

Don’t Get Your Stress Out On Food

The most common ploy opted by people under stress is to take out on food. This ploy leads to mindless and overeating causing a person to gain weight. However, there are other healthier alternatives to take out your stress upon, such as going for a swim, hitting the gym  for weight training, or taking a walk in the park. Thus, don’t just look at food for stress relief, rather go for other healthier alternatives.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Besides mindless eating, another resort for stressful people is drinking caffeine to boost their energy levels. Although caffeine performs this function, but for most of the people it causes sleep problems.

As sleep is one of the best ways of forgetting the worries and woes of the world, thus a disturbed sleep does not help the cause. Therefore, in stress try to cut down on caffeine so that you have regular sleep and wake afresh in the morning.


In a nutshell, if you wish to prevent stress from sucking the life out of you, then you need to show presence of mind and in the times of stress focus on mindful eating that helps combat the effects of stress and thus keeps you healthy.