Eating Habits
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There are as many healthy eating trends as Tom Brady has won in his NFL career, but to cut through the noise, it’s best to look up to the super athletes of our generation.

While most of us average folk can’t hope to replicate what multi-millionaires consistently chow on, their healthy eating habits can at least serve as inspiration.

The healthy dietary habits from the best athletes

Tom Brady. Serena Williams. LeBron James. Three immortal athletes who continue to dominate their respective sports thanks to intense focus and a proper healthy diet. While they play different sports and have different diets, here are some key takeaways from the best:

Tom Brady (Football): organic all the way

The ageless Brady is into his 21st NFL season at the age of 43 and still playing at an elite level. “Terrific Tom” can  credit a lot of his longevity to his organic-based diet that also strictly restricts anything processed.

“No white sugar. No white flour. No MSG. I’ll use raw olive oil, but I never cook with olive oil. I only cook with coconut oil,” Allen Campbell, Brady’s personal chef, told the Boston Globe in 2016.

LeBron James (Basketball): lots and lots of water

Much like Brady, James continues to play like a superstar despite being in the NBA for over 16 seasons. Of course, James is built like a superhuman. But he also credits one thing to his endurance: H20.

During an interview, James revealed that he’s a “big believer in water” and starts his day with two big glasses. James drinks as much water as he can throughout the day and he has rarely missed a game despite playing over 34 minutes every game.

Amanda Nunes (Mixed martial arts): five meals a day

The greatest women’s mixed martial artist has one of the most intense daily workouts. To ensure she can do it optimally, she eats at least five times a day. These meals consist mainly of the healthiest finds: oatmeal, fruits, chicken breast, veggies, and fish.

Nunes is set to defend her belt later this year and is once again a massive favourite according to Bovada sportsbook. It’s hard to bet against the “Lioness” when she’s living right.

Alex Morgan (Soccer): a tasty vegan diet

Morgan has been one of the most prominent vegan athletes and she proves that being one doesn’t mean having to stick to a boring diet.

The soccer star instead eats a combination of oatmeal and berries, plant-based smoothies, and rice or quinoa and black beans. Morgan also enjoys Mexican and Thai-style cuisine ensuring she continues to eat deliciously.

Sidney Crosby (Ice hockey): local and sustainable

Sid may not be a kid anymore, but he’s still just as youthful as when he joined the NHL over 15 years ago. Crosby keeps himself fit by focusing on local and organic food, particularly the produce of his home province, Nova Scotia.

Unlike stars like Brady and Morgan, Crosby isn’t too strict on his diet and he has been known to have a sweet tooth. If you’re a three-time Stanley Cup champion and the greatest player of your era, a little bit of indulgence doesn’t hurt.

Serena Williams (Tennis): strictly no sugar

The most dominant tennis player of her generation owes a lot of her success to her healthy diet. Yes, Williams is fiercely competitive and unfairly athletic, but her strict adherence to not consuming sugar of any kind is why she’s extended her run.

Williams also implements plant-based eating but also loves to snack in particular, Ezekiel bread with almond butter and matcha tea with lemon and cinnamon. The 39-year-old is a bit more liberal during off season and will eat tacos and fried chicken occasionally.

Healthy habits lead to healthy choices

Healthy eating habits help propagate better decision making, which is critical in sports. Brady, Williams, and their peers remain on top because they’re able to make the right plays at the right time. Staying physically fit helps keep athletes sharp and on top of their game. The gut is the second brain, after all.

By choosing to eat healthy, both these legendary athletes and everyday folk can take a step towards making better choices.