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Healthy Dessert Options You Will Love Feeding Your Family

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Have you ever caught your kids or even your husband sneaking a treat before dinner? Most parents worry about their children’s love for desserts because most desserts contain unhealthy amounts of sugar. Parents and guardians have to ensure that their kids’ eating habits do not put their health at risk.

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If your child keeps demanding a dessert, you are left wondering what to do to satisfy his or her sweet tooth while still keeping him or her healthy.

Fortunately, there are several healthy dessert options that you could make for your family. Many of these desserts only require a short prep time, which is another bonus besides just the health benefits. If you want to give sweet treats to your kids, but still want to keep them healthy, the following desserts will combine wellness and sweetness all in one plate.

Pineapple upside down with muffins

One of the healthiest dessert options is the pineapple upside down with muffins. You can give this to your kids after they have their main course over dinner. Besides being a healthy dessert, these muffins could also help you boost your baking skills.

You could also involve your kids in the preparation by showing them the recipe and guiding them through the preparation process. The muffins are also baked with carrot shreds that increase beta-carotene levels in your child’s diet. Don’t you agree that this is a nutritious meal? I bet you do.

Banana ice cream fake-out

If your kid loves ice cream for his dessert, you can make him a healthier dessert that still includes his favorite ice cream flavor and a banana – the banana ice cream fake-out. Interestingly, preparing this dessert only takes a couple of minutes out of your time.

If you have frozen bananas in your kitchen, you just have to take one, peel it, and dice it into several pieces. Place the banana on one of your dessert plates combined with chopped peanuts and pour his favorite ice cream all over it. Feel free to pour some chocolate syrup over it before serving your kid with the nutritious, finger licking dessert.

Flourless black bean avocado brownies

If you have time on your hands to prepare your kids a healthy meal, you might consider adding flourless black bean avocado brownies to your menu. These brownies are made of vegan and gluten free ingredients. They comprise of avocado and black bean.

With this dessert, however, you should expect your kids to show some resistance because the brownies are not that appealing to look at. Despite this, they are absolutely scrumptious. Moreover, they are fudgy. The flourless black bean avocado brownies serve are a perfect way of keeping your kid’s gluten intake under control.

Crunchy peanut butter thins

A healthy alternative to regular peanut butter cookies that your kid may be used to are the crunchy peanut butter thins. Keep your kid’s diet and nutrition in check by preparing these for him or her after he/she takes his/her dinner. You could also pack them in his/her bag as he/she heads to school.

Their preparation and baking should only take you 40 minutes. Interestingly, these crunchy, delicious thins have many healthy nutrients. You can also include chia seeds when making them because they are a good source of fatty acids and Omega-3.

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Healthy chocolate brownies

Fill your child’s diet with chocolate goodness and wellness all in one plate. Try making coconut flour brownies and they are bound to leave your kid licking his/her fingers after. Interestingly, they are gluten free and dairy-free.

These brownies should take you about one hour to bake, and their flavor is enhanced by the vanilla extract you put during preparation. The brownies are also made using coconut flour rather than the all-purpose flour to enhance their nutritious value.

Caramel apple pie

An apple is a favorite fruit among many people, kids included. The caramel apple pie is a delicious, alluring cake that combines apples and caramel to deliver a healthy dessert for your kids. Popular is the adage that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

So, why not prepare your kids this scrumptious apple pie to eat after dinner or any time they feel like it. Moreover, the caramel spices up the flavor of the cake, and the aroma that fills up your kitchen will leave your kids craving for this delicious meal every time.

Chocolate chip zucchini protein bars

Any parent should be concerned about the health of his/her children, especially if all have a sweet tooth. There are a lot of unhealthy desserts bought in the stores, especially sweets. So, it is imperative to make sure that the desserts you make at home focus on the wellness of your kids.

A viable option is the chocolate chip zucchini protein bars. They are a nutritious option for your kids’ breakfast or lunch dessert. To make them, you need to have cookie dough and zucchini shreds, among other preferred flavors. Your kids will love this smooth and soft-chewy snack.

Galaxy fruit pops

Kids are intrigued by attractive colors, and the galaxy fruit pops are a dessert that delivers this. Fruits not only contain numerous nutritional benefits but also are delicious. To make the galaxy fruit pops, you can start by dicing pineapples and melons with cookie cutters.

The shapes you cut can be sprinkled with chili powder. You could also squeeze fresh lime juice to increase the delight. Pick a juice that contains 100% real fruit juice and pour it into some popsicle containers with the fruit slices and freeze them. Your kids will love these treats and they are perfect to keep your kids happy and cool during the hot summers.


Desserts are a delicious part of meals. However, most desserts in stores are unhealthy because they are made of too much sugar. Keeping in mind that kids love sweet treats, you can still manage to give yours the treats while still keeping it healthy. There is a wide array of healthy dessert options that you could make your kids. The aforementioned desserts enable you to kill two birds with one stone: satisfy your kid’s sweet tooth and keep him or her healthy.

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