Couple Workouts
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Staying fit isn’t always easy. Just finding the motivation alone can be a task. Luckily, you could have a great workout partner close to you already.

Whether you want to take your fitness seriously or just enjoy a new hobby with your partner, working out as a couple can have great benefits.

Here are a few benefits that you can expect as well as what kind of exercises you can do together.

Benefits of Working Out as a Couple

  • You both get healthier
  • You will both look better
  • Working out with your partner can be a real turn-on
  • You will grow closer as a couple
  • You get to spend more time together (especially if you both have busy schedules)

These are just a few of the many benefits that you can experience when you choose to workout with your partner. For those who aren’t sure where to start or what exercises to include, try some of the following.

1. Passing Sit-Up

You’ll need a medicine ball for this exercise. You’ll both sit with your feet touching one another. One of you performs a crunch with the medicine ball. When you reach the full sit-up position, as in you’re sitting up, you then pass the ball onto your partner.

It’s their turn to do a sit-up next. This allows you to have a quick breather while your partner does the next sit-up.

It also allows each of you to check each other’s forms and ensure you’re doing it the right way. Not only does this mean fewer injuries, but it also means that you’ll receive a greater impact on your abs.

2. Shoulder Tap Plank

Another exercise that will have your abdomen feeling it is the shoulder tap plank. This is just like a normal plank except you’re throwing in a bit of a challenge. Begin by moving into the plank position with your partner. You should be planking the opposite of one another.

Once the plank starts, you’ll each alternate in tapping one another’s shoulders. Not only will this challenge the strength of your core, but it will also test your balance and endurance.

Have some fun, but make sure that your glutes and core remain tight throughout the exercise.

3. Reverse Lunge with Medicine Ball

When it comes time to work your legs, you need to include the lunge. You can also perform this exercise with your partner and a medicine ball. Begin by assuming the lunge position. Instead of lunging forward, however, you’re going to lunge backward.

Set yourself with a time that you’re going to hold the lunge position. Then, when that time is up, toss the medicine ball to your partner and switch to the other leg. It will be their turn to hold the ball while performing the lunge.

An alternative way to do this exercise is to toss the ball back and forth between the two of you while holding the lunge. It will test your balance and endurance.

4. Weight and Cardio Exchanges

Another great way to exercise together is to have one person doing weight training while the other person does cardio. Then, at some interval, you switch. For those who want to do their workouts together, one option might be to have someone perform crunches while the other one either does a plank or performs push-ups.

This is possible by having someone lay on their back and start their crunches. The other partner who will be focusing on weight training can hold onto their partner’s ankles. They can use this position to do push-ups or hold themselves in the plank position until you’re done with your crunches.

Then you alternate.

This kind of interval training can be done with various other exercises. Mix it up and see what ones you enjoy the most.

5. Lying Leg Throw-Down

For those who love to tease one another, this next workout could be a lot of fun. One of you lays on the floor on your back. The other stands right at your shoulders. Your head should be between their feet.

The goal of this exercise is to keep your feet from hitting the floor. Begin by raising your legs to your partner’s chest. Their goal is to push your legs down as hard as they can–while being safe–so you have to work to keep your feet from touching the floor.

Try different angles to really test your strength and endurance. This workout is a great cardio exercise that also tests your balance.

Don’t forget to take turns!

6. Squat Hold and Elevated Pushup

This exercise is sometimes called the Wheelbarrow Squat. It requires one person to perform squats while the other does pushups. The person doing the pushups has to hold themselves up on the floor. The person doing the squats then takes them by the ankles and lifts their legs.

Best done in sync, one pushes down while the other performs a squat. Then you both lift together. Timing is everything. You’ll also want to switch so everyone gets their chance of working their legs and arms.

7. Boxing

couple Boxing

No couples’ workout is ever complete without including boxing. Besides being a great workout, boxing can also work as a cathartic exercise. Do you have a little pent-up anger? Then why not have your partner help you work it out?

One person should hold the punching bag in place while the other hits it. Just ensure you take turns.