Healthcare Jobs of the Future

2020 has been a year of changes. Not only have we seen change, but it has been change that had to occur in some of the quickest timetables history has ever seen.

This change has directly impacted the trends in health care for 2021. Digital healthcare such as Telehealth and drive-through test sites have given us a glance at what the crystal ball of healthcare might have in store for us.

One question remains unanswered: what drives this change?

In 2020, the amount of stress that every person has has  increased exponentially. Dr. Brighid Gannon, says that “human beings are not built to maintain levels of stress and uncertainty like this.” While it is true that we have struggled in the past year, this has also given way to innovation and positive change.

Greater emphasis on primary care has initiated an average eighty-nine percent increase in the number of healthcare jobs per customer posted on job sites.

With more minds entering the field of healthcare, the pathway of innovation will be paved through increased advancements in medical technology and breakthroughs.

The recent trends in digital healthcare are not ones that will be going away. John Nosta, WHO technology expert, exclaims that the relationship between healthcare and technology must be “one of engagements and collaboration.”

He goes on to state that the challenges in the healthcare field can only be solved with “the inculcation of technology into clinical practice.” There has never been a better time to integrate technology and healthcare than in an age of uncertainty.

Anything hospitals can do to lighten their current burden for the benefit of not only the patients but the staff is paramount to the continued success of our healthcare systems.

The synchronous inclusion of technology can only benefit those who are in the health care systems today. If there has been one positive aspect about COVID-19, it has been that it has influenced the inclusion of technology into healthcare exponentially.

The urgent rush to combine these two forces is a driving force behind the technology trends in 2021. Ben Wolin, Board Director at Apploi, predicts that “2021 will be a continuation of that sprint [for tech inclusion].” 

He also believes that companies that choose to resist this trend will “find it more and more difficult to compete.” It is of the utmost importance that companies use the cosmic change that the pandemic caused to the best of their abilities.

COVID-19 has provided health care companies with an opportunity to change the face of the health services world as we know it.

In conclusion, health care companies have a choice to make: compete or go obsolete. The trends of 2021 demand that hospitals digitalize in order to meet the requirements that the patients want.

Technology and healthcare are the lethal combinations that could influence the health services sector beyond what customers demand.

This combination could make the health care world better for those that utilize healthcare services and for those who work in it as well. 

Healthcare Jobs of the Future