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Health Trends That Won’t Be Going Away in 2020

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Holistic health treatment is growing more and more popular amongst U.S. inhabitants and the reasons are not far fetched, it is cost-effective, it focuses on lifestyle modifications and can be specifically customized to suit individual needs and address their challenges thus increasing its efficacy.

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These reasons and more are why holistic health has come to stay and not just stay but thrive. The following trends and forms of treatment have become a mainstay and we sure can expect to see more in the new year.

Ayurvedic Medicine

This is an ancient treatment method the Indians used that buoys down to overall wellness. It has to do with specific dieting for particular body types, massages, and herbal remedies and advocates that overall well-being hinges on the balance of the body, mind, and soul.

It is also believed that the body, mind, and soul are connected to the universe and this results in good health, however, if there’s a disruption to this balance sickness ensues.

This alternative treatment method believes that humans are made up of five basic elements found in the universe: earth, water, fire, air, and space. These elements combine to form life energies known as doshas.

There are three doshas which are the Vata dosha(space and air), Pitta dosha(fire and water) and Kapha dosha(water and earth).

The Vita dosha controls how the body operates especially cell division. It controls the mind breathing, blood flow and, heart function. Factors that disrupt it include late-night activities, fear, and grief.

Individuals with this life force are prone to anxiety, asthma, heart disease, etc. The Pitta dosha controls metabolism and digestion. Things that disrupt this include sour and spicy food as well as excessive sunlight exposure. Those with this life force are prone to Crohn’s disease, high blood pressure, and infection.

The Kapha dosha controls muscular activities, body strength, and the immune system. It can be disrupted by consuming sweet and salty foods. Those with this life force are prone to asthma, cancer, and diabetes.

As a treatment, the practitioner checks your life force, balance among all three elements, and the emotional makeup of the individual. The aim of this treatment is to free the body of unclean food which can stay and lead to illness. Herbs like turmeric and Boswellia are used in its treatment.

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Natural Skin And Beauty Product

This is another trend that is here to stay and even get bigger in the year 2020. This involves the use of natural products in treating skin-related illnesses and more.

These products include Aloe Vera, Peppermint Oil, Honey, and Ginger. These natural healing products have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidants agents. These agents have healing proponents that treat burns, sores, as well as reducing aging.

Aloe vera is used for its healing attributes, it is used for treating mouth ulcers, cure skin wrinkles, and stifle bacteria that infect the body.

Peppermint Oil is used to treat nausea, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), and cold. It relaxes the bowel muscles, decreases pain sensation, and produces an anti-inflammatory effect in the bowel.

Honey does fantastically well in reducing the likelihood of a heart attack. It reduces the level of LDL cholesterol and increases the HDL cholesterol needed in the body. It lowers blood pressure and reduces type 2 diabetes.


This is the act of inserting metal needles into the body at specific points and to varying depths for therapeutic purposes, a very integral part of Traditional Chinese medicine.

Its aim is to reduce pain and balance energy. Using neuroscience to better understand it, the points where these needles are inserted are where nerves, muscles and connecting tissues can be stimulated.

This invariably increases blood flow and triggers the pain killers in the body. It helps with pain, headache, migraine, high and low blood pressure as well as reducing the likelihood of stroke.


This holistic treatment involves the use of massage on the skeleton and the muscle to achieve the desired relief in the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous system. The focus is usually on the joints, muscles, and spines.

It helps treat arthritis, pain, postural problems, and digestive issues. Osteopathy doesn’t focus on the problem area but also uses a manual hand technique to create a body balance.

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Treating with these methods is called Osteopathy Manipulative Medicine(OMM) and these techniques include stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.


This is the use of water both externally and internally at varying temperatures for pain relief and treatment. It has varying tyles which include watsu, sitz bath, Turkish bath, sauna, contrast hydrotherapy and lots more. It cures osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,

Cannabis Products

This form of treatment is under herbal product use. It is recommended by licensed physicians and can be used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, depression, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease among others.

One of the U.S. states that have taken huge strides in the use of medical cannabis in New Jersey. Since Gov. Phil Murphy passed the Jake Honing Compassionate Use Act in July, medical marijuana in New Jersey has witnessed tremendous growth.

What Did It Do

This law added chronic pain and anxiety as qualifying conditions to acquire cannabis. These two illnesses currently 52.7% of patients who are presently registering for the medical marijuana program, chronic pain (28.9%) and anxiety (23.8%).

The state has called for six more suppliers to handle the huge demand. At this rate, the cannabis market would be needing 15 more sites in the next three years.

The new law also allowed nurses and physician’s assistants to prescribe cannabis, more workers were employed which includes three cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries thus increasing access to the product.

Based on the huge flock of patients which increased from 40,000 to 63,000 patients after the law was enacted, the state has had to make plans to increase its alternative treatment centers from 6 to 12. All these shows that they have no signs of slowing down at all.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.
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