For the last 50 years, many types of research are conducted on the environmental and health problems caused by drinking hard water. It is directly linked to the growth retardation, cardiovascular disease, reproductive failure and many other health issues caused by the content of calcium and magnesium. Also, the acidity of the hard water plays an essential part in the reabsorption of magnesium and calcium, as well as many content presents in it.

Therefore today we will discuss how hard water affects human health and what can be an ultimate solution to these issues.
Hard WaterSince the population of the world is increasing drastically and the world is facing water scarcity issues. Therefore 1 out of 8 people is drinking hard water which is causing health issues.

Hard water is known as water which is highly concentrated with magnesium and calcium ion. Also, some other metals are found such as barium, strontium, aluminum, iron, manganese and zinc.

1)  It contains potential bacteria:

Hard water is usually don’t goes through any treatment whatsoever and directly comes through the pipes of homes and other commercial places, especially in the underdeveloped countries. That is why the pipes and primary sources contain a large amount of scale deposit inside it which not only looks nasty but also contain a high amount of bacteria.

Once the hard water passes through it, it gets infected too which is not suitable for drinking and cooking. Also, the water itself has impurities which is not treated that is why there are more chances of getting infections and diseases than soft or treated water.

2)  It is not suitable for patients with high blood pressure:

Since hard water contains a higher number of minerals including salt, it is not recommended for the people with high blood pressure as it may increase their problem.

3)  Cardiovascular disease:

Many studies are conducted to see how hard water is linked to the cardiovascular diseases and found the inverse relationship between them. Take an example of your house pipes and see the scale deposit inside it, hard water does same with the veins of your heart. It is found responsible in causing the heart-related issues among people who are consuming water concentrated with the calcium and magnesium.

4)  Cancer:

The most common type of cancer caused by hard water is gastric cancer. The increased level of calcium and magnesium cause gastric cancer and its hardness cause the colon cancer and rectal cancer. Since the excess amount of minerals and metals are not healthy for your health, it can cause various types of cancer as your digestive system is not made for hard water digestion.

5)  Malfunctions of the Central Nervous System:

When the hard water is consumed over a long time, it can damage the central nervous system especially with the children of very small age. When the minerals are consumed at a higher amount, it directly affects the performance as well as the development of your brain cell. It can cause death from congenital malformation in many countries.

6)  Alzheimer’s disease:

Aluminum is one of the most common minerals which cause the renal failure of the brain especially when it is consumed and exposed in massive amount. It also causes the related diseases like Alzheimer Diseases and chances are 1.5 times higher to generate the Alzheimer disease in patients who consume hard water than those who don’t.

7)  Diabetes:

The higher level of magnesium in hard water also causes one common disease Diabetes. It affects the insulin level in your body which cause diabetes and type-2 diabetes. A daily recommended consumption of magnesium is around 300-400 mg when hard water is consumed it increase 100% more magnesium than it is required which cause the hypomagnesemia and metabolic syndrome which is a standard feature of type-2 diabetes.

8)  Childhood atopic dermatitis:

The hard water is acidic, it increases the skin related issues like Atopic dermatitis or known as eczema. It creates issues like chronically relapsing, pruritic skin disorder, non-contagious and inflammation including childhood atopic dermatitis.

9)  Kidney stones:

The 3/4th composition of kidney stone is made out of calcium salt, calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate which is found in higher amount in hard water especially carbonate and sulfate salts of magnesium and calcium. That is why when hard water is consumed in a significant amount, it will form kidney stones.

10) Reproductive health:

The hard water cause reproductive health of men which is caused by the higher concentration of magnesium, calcium and fluoride. It is also responsible for the stillbirth and reproductive failure in many parts of the world where hard water is consumed.

11) Digestive issues and constipation:

Since calcium and magnesium are responsible for constipation, it is the major issue faced by the consumers of hard water. Also, it makes difficulties in diluting the bile juice and effects its efficiency; the people usually face the digestive problems at the same time.

Electronic Water Conditioners – An ultimate solution to hard water health problems:

When compared to the traditional methods of water conditioning, salts and chemicals are added to remove the hardness of water. Therefore when you are softening the water using any chemicals or salt, you have to be extra careful while drinking it. Another way to do it is through boiling which is challenging to execute on a regular basis, on a large scale for drinking and consumes a lot of time too.

That is why Electronic water conditioners (EWC) are recommended to turn hard water into soft without any hassle. It is not only best for your health but also the most convenient way to do it.

Let’s discuss why EWC is better for your health:

  • No chemicals and salts are used in EWC. Therefore, it is the chemical-free
  • There is no need to heat the water while using EWC that is why no minerals are lost during the boiling process
  • All the bacteria present in water gets kill with the EWC process
  • It also reduces the amount of scale, limestone and corrosion present inside the pipes so that water is not contaminated again
  • It helps minerals to remain in water as per the standard requirement which is beneficial for your health
  • It reduces the chances of diseases which are caused by hard water
  • It drops down the amount of salt present in water which is much safer for the patients with high blood pressure
  • It reduces the chance of diabetes of type-1 and type-2
  • It helps you to get less ill, have good immunity as well as have safer water
  • It also prevents significant birth deficiency, miscarriages, stillbirth and reproductive issues in both men and women
  • It allows you to have better all over health and decrease the chances of heart attacks, heart problems as well as resolve kidney stone problem.
  • It helps you in digestion, constipation and reduce the chances of cancer.

Author Bio:

Sara was born and raised in Karachi. She is the Content Writer at Clearwater, Florida based company H2O Elite Labs. She loves reading magazines on healthcare and home improvement in her spare time. Also cooks delicious food & new recipes on weekend.