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Health Hazards from Kids Toys

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Kids’ toys are some of the items that you constantly see in budgets in different homes. Most of the times the choosing of the toys is in the jurisdiction of the kids as parents choose to take them out in shopping treats.

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The kids choose toys and they do that without any logic but what appeals to their eyes carries the day. Because the parents love for their children, they choose to keep dumb as the kids jam the shopping with different types of toys. Carefully consider the following hazards which can accompany you home while thinking you are treating your loved ones.

Minute parts that could be part of the toy remain the most undetected ones. Dolls at times come with detachable parts or even part of the clothing that accompany them. Some of these can be easily swallowed or put in the nostrils or even in the ears.

Buttons from doll’s clothes could easily be swallowed which could result in problems in the stomach. Hair or fur that could drop off a toy could be very hazardous as they can go into the mouth and be swallowed to later on bring choking effects that could bring complications.

Other toys normally coming in small sizes which make it easy for putting into the mouth find their way there. The contact between harmful substances on the toys end up mixing with saliva which could be swallowed not forgetting the substances could be toxic.

Other toys could come with sophistication of electricity or alkaline battery use which could spill when they expire exposing the toxic substances that could find their way into the mouth of toddlers causing the greatest harm that you can ever think of.

The deadliest danger that ever existed could come from exposure to lead built toys. These come with effects that are not obvious to many parents. Lead exposure is very harmful to adults and in kids it will be double. Lead affects the brain, the kidneys and the formation of blood. [Reference: health.ny.gov ]

With all these hazards prevalent, proper care should be taken to guarantee the safety of the minor. One of the many alternatives available could be the employment of wooden toys which could be very safe as they come from plants which are natural. The possibility of release of toxic substances is minimized and the intended goal achieved.

Having different age groups using toys according to their understanding is also in order. Older kids who understand the hazardous nature of toys like the ones using electricity or alkaline batteries can be allowed to play with them while younger ones shouldn’t be allowed to.

Lately there has been a trend of using wool or tattered clothes to make toys. This is a very welcome move as the toys are first of all environmental friendly. Secondly the contact between the kid and the toy doesn’t leave any harmful effects even putting the toy in the mouth is safe. There has been a grand response to hand knitted finger puppets and paper puppets worldwide.

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Papers which are cheap and readily available are another worthwhile alternative that remain safe for the kids. The accidental contact of the toys with the mouth doesn’t bring any worry as papers don’t carry with them toxic substances. Since they don’t carry any toxic substances with them, they are consequently environmental friendly implying a safe environmental for all is guaranteed.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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