health concierge services

Escalating costs, complexity, and competition are driving the shift to a more customer-centric approach that also caters to the employers’ need for affordability.

That’s why a new mindset aimed at simplifying and elevating the healthcare experience for everyone from the patients at the bottom, to the businesses in the middle, and the providers at the top is the new focus of health concierge services.

How is all this accomplished? Health concierge services help employer groups (and their employees) advocate and navigate their way through the healthcare system. This allows for employers to ​lower costs, decrease complexity, and stay competitive​.

When only 57% of health plan members report having good customer experiences, and a full 81% of members are unsatisfied with their health benefits offered through their employment, it can easily reflect on an employer.

In fact, ​Aflac’s 2018 research on job satisfaction​ showed that “more than half (55%) of employees surveyed would be at least somewhat likely to accept a job with lower compensation but a more robust benefits package.” Additionally, “more than 1 in 4 (26%) employees report having left a job or turning down a job offer due to the benefits offered.”

To help solve this problem, offering greater handholding throughout the journey gives employees more confidence to make the best decisions for themselves, and gives your company a distinct, competitive advantage for attracting and retaining talent, as well as cultivating a more healthy and productive workforce.

Here’s how health concierge services can improve navigation through the system and assist in advocating for better support.

Navigation Through the Healthcare System with the Help of Health Concierge Services

Helping both employers and employees navigate their way through today’s overcomplicated and expensive healthcare system is vital. Carenet Health navigation services can help you map out a member journey and follow through on available resources.

Some available navigation services include:

  • Care options, scheduling, coordination, and follow-up support
  • Clinical and non-clinical decision support
  • Real-time integration with telehealth resources
  • Vendor integration with programs such as smoking cessation, wellness rewards, and weight-management programs

Advocacy with the Healthcare System with the Assistance of Health Concierge Services

What employers need today are empowerment and support. Advocacy is the key.

With expert guides who work with you one on one to design a best-fit, high-touch service for your organization, you’ll be able to define a solution that works well for both your employees and your bottom line.

Concierge healthcare services​ can help you define data requirements and assess available resources.

Some available advocacy resources include:

  • Member on boarding and welcome calls
  • Health coaching and education
  • Outreach for high-risk/high-cost member’s treatment and medication adherence
  • Dental/vision coverage

The Other ​ Type of Health Concierge Services

The term “health concierge services” can be confusing for patients, doctors, providers, and businesses alike. That’s because this term is also used to define what is actually “concierge medicine” or “direct primary care”.

These fee-based healthcare service models cut out the middleman (insurance) and allow medical providers to directly charge their patients a regular, flat fee to pay for routine office visits, lab work, and simple diagnostics.

This model strives to accomplish the following four objectives:

  1. Tighten connections between patients and providers.
  2. Encourage preventive and proactive care.
  3. Reduce administrative work and overhead for physicians and health systems.
  4. Provide an affordable alternative to expensive health insurance.

While concierge medicine or direct primary care can allow physicians to give good care and make it affordable for patients, it’s important to remember that it is different than the navigation and advocacy programs that fit under the umbrella of health concierge services.

Learn More About Navigation and Advocacy Services

Recognizing the critical need to provide businesses and consumers with concierge-level healthcare navigation and advocacy solutions, Carenet Health is powered by clinical and

consumer best practices, deep data, and sophisticated technology to significantly improve the healthcare experience for everyone involved.

We want to meet employer needs and consumer expectations to create an unprecedented level of service that everyone can enjoy.