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Health Benefits Of Practicing Martial Arts

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Most people see martial arts as something that people do in order to learn how to fight or how to protect themselves. This is not to be denied as it is important in today’s society but there are so many other benefits that have to be understood about practicing martial arts.

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No matter what style you are involved with, the so called QI principle is a foundation that leads towards so many health benefits. This includes those mentioned below but that should not be seen as a limit as others can exist.

An Improved Cardiovascular Health

Basically all martial arts have this huge health benefit. The cardiovascular system is made out of your heart, veins and arteries. When it is weak, breathing problems appear and individuals are faced with fatigue, weakness and in some cases even heart problems.

Improving the cardiovascular system is only possible when you are a part of activities that would put some stress on the heart. This includes swimming, biking, walking and martial arts.

Weight Loss

You will rarely see a martial artist that is fat. This is because martial arts training automatically focuses on highly intense workouts. One hour of martial arts training at a moderate intensity will make you burn 500 calories. If you do that every single day, you can end up with around 1 pound of fat being burned every single week. Constantly practicing martial arts will bring in great results for those people that want to lose weight, as long as you train properly and your diet is also a proper one.

Improvements In Muscle Tone

One thing that many do not realize is that you would increase muscle mass amount when you participate in a martial arts training routine. People tend to look at bodybuilders when thinking about muscle mass but the amount of true muscle that is gained through martial arts cannot be denied. To make everything even more interesting, the muscle that is built will also be toned. That would increase agility and prevent falls that naturally appear when aging.

Better Reflexes

Every person that wants to be a really good martial artist needs faster than average reflexes. Doing martial arts automatically means that reflexes are improved while gaining the possibility to get a faster reaction time for practically all the activities you would do in your entire life. Better reflexes will help you with so much, including cooking and driving, among dozens of other daily activities.

Better Mood

According to various research studies that were conducted, when you go through regular exercising routines, your move will automatically be improved. Martial arts can aid you to relieve frustration and stress while also helping you to feel a whole lot happier. What is interesting is that martial arts training releases endorphins. These endorphins will continue to be released or will be present inside the body for around 4 hours after the training session.

As you can easily notice, martial arts can help you so much more than what many believe. It is something that you want to consider.

Martial Arts
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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