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8 Health Benefits of Eating Garlic

Garlic is a plant commonly found anywhere in the world. Most of us must have either eaten or at least perceived it at one point or another. Most of us continuously go to the market and totally ignore this baby and don’t even recognise the loads of nutrients it carries.

Some of us eat them because we are aware they can do one or two things for our health benefits, but what if I told you they could do more if you eat them regularly? These are a list of  things garlic can do if you eat them every day:

1. Garlic makes you look more attractive

Garlic gives off a smell that when eaten becomes offensive and might discourage any attempt of communication from a man to a woman. However, a recent study has proven that if men can restrict chewing of garlic to just two cloves 12 hours before a date, he can considerable impress her and win her over. It appears that when get turned on by the body odour of men who eat garlic.
Talk about natural charm!

The phenomenon is still puzzling to explain, but scientists suspect the antimicrobial properties might be responsible for this. What do you think? I’d say chew away.

2. Improves immune system

Garlic protects us numerous colds and viruses and this fact has been known to our forefathers. Scientists, however, have made discoveries that suggest that regular consumption of garlic is necessary to keep you healthy during winter. This is because garlic contains loads of vitamins, amino acids, oils and allicin, – this is an organic composition that eliminates bacteria and fungi.

It is noteworthy that garlic needs to be eaten fresh for them to protect you against illnesses. Allicin is formed by the physical destruction of plant cells that occur when it’s being pressed or cut. In order to get the antimicrobial compound, a clove contains, it is best not to heat it because heating kills almost all the nutritional properties garlic contains.

3. Stabilises blood pressure

Garlic is good for people suffering from high blood pressure. Adding it to your diet helps to widen the blood vessels and decreases arterial pressure. This helps to eliminate headaches and any pressure the heart might be suffering from.

At least four cloves of garlic per day are enough to cure hypertension. It also helps to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the by 15%. This means it can considerably reduce the risk of getting a stroke and any heart diseases.

However, it is vital that you don’t make the eating of garlic as the only means of eliminating stroke and high blood pressure. Consult your medical doctor before using garlic or any other dietary supplements.

4. It improves memory

According to a general theory, the human body and brain suffer from ageing due to the reaction of oxidation of chemicals when food and oxygen are being consumed to produce energy. This process, however, destroys body cells over time and it makes the skin become saggy, and the affects the functions of the brain by stopping it from being as sharp as it used to. The work of antioxidants though is to fight against oxidation and helps us look even younger.

Pharmaceutical companies now sell antioxidant supplements for costly amounts. Garlic, however, is cheap and easy to get and they contain all the necessary chemicals that can help prevent the body and brain from ageing. Older adults who eat garlic stand better chances of reducing their risk of developing Alzheimer’s, while younger people can boost their memory and improve the productivity of their brain.

5. It increases stamina

Garlic all it takes to make the muscles and heart work more effectively. If you are into sports, eating of garlic would help improve your endurance. In ancient Greece, before doping became illegal, Olympic athletes were fed garlic. This made them perform better than competitors who weren’t eating garlic.

Garlic can also be taken by people who aren’t into sports. It helps to improve productivity, reduce tiredness and help survive the cold season. Consumption of this product will improve your results. In Ancient Greece, when no one knew about doping, Olympic athletes were fed with garlic, which made them run and perform the shot put better than their competitors. Moreover, this product was useful for people not connected with sports too because it reduced tiredness, increased productivity, and helped people survive the cold season.

6. Improves skin and hair

The cells (fibroblasts) responsible for the renewal of the skin reacts positively to garlic. Eating two cloves daily is enough to enhance the production of natural collagen and roasting. Garlic also helps to protect the skin from the effect of direct sunlight.

Also, garlic helps with hair growth by making it thicker and longer. It can also be used to treat localised alopecia. This can be done by directly applying it to the scalp. Fortunately, you can even get garlic cosmetics that are odourless.

7. Reduces toothache

Due to the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that garlic contains, it can help kill harmful microbes and speed up inflamed gums. Moreso, the compound also help reduce the risk of cavities. You can reduce your visits to the dentist if you eat garlic on a daily basis.

8. Helps you lose weight

Eating of garlic can be beneficial for those looking to burn fat. The complex chemical reactions, ajoene ignites special ferments in the blood and eliminates the deposition of fats. That is to say; garlic has anti-fat compounds. Garlic have properties that are able to block weight gain due to an unbalanced diet. It burns excess calories but only when enough garlic is eaten.

Note: You have to understand that garlic has its contradictions as doctors have advised that it isn’t recommended for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding. Children under the age of 7 should also be monitored and allowed only minimal amount of garlic to consume.

Garlic should also be avoided two weeks before having surgery as it can cause blood thinning and this could lead to b bleeding. Ensure to consult with your doctor before using garlic at all. Keep garlic out of the reach of your pets and avoid feeding them with it. Four cloves of garlic a day aren’t bad, doctors recommend. So go ahead and add some to your food. You could even chew on some directly.

How often do you eat garlic knots a week? What are the changes you noticed eating garlic? Please tell us about it in the comments.

Oluwafemi Michael
Oluwafemi Michael is an online Mental Health Therapist, Advocate for Mental Health Awareness, a programmer, and also a content creator from Edo state, Akoko-Edo LG.

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