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What Are the Health Benefits of Dental Implants?

The popularity of dental implants has increased significantly in recent years. There are many good reasons for this rise in popularity as dental implants have a number of advantages over dentures and other more traditional dental treatments.

Learning about dental implants can help those considering who need dental work to make an informed treatment choice.


The primary advantage of dental implants over dentures is that the implant works like a real tooth. The implant is stable and does not slide around during chewing or talking, like many dentures.

People with dentures have to be careful when laughing, sneezing or participating in sports or order to prevent the dentures from coming loose or even falling out of their mouth.

Unlike dentures that have to be removed from the mouth, soaked in denture cleaner and brushed inside and out, implants are even cleaned like real teeth while they are in the mouth by brushing and flossing.

Dental implants can be a good decision for those who are losing or have lost some of their natural teeth.

Supporting Healthy Teeth

When a person has teeth removed, he or she will be left with a gap between the remaining teeth. Though this gap can be filled by a partial denture or bridge, the remaining natural teeth will not be fully supported and will generally begin to move toward the gap.

As the natural teeth shift in position, a person may develop bite alignment problems or noticeable gaps that can make them feel self-conscious about their appearance.

However, if a dental implant is used to replace the missing teeth, the implant will support the remaining natural teeth and prevent them from shifting. In addition, dental implants are more of a permanent solution than either dentures or bridges which normally need additional work over time to maintain fit and function.

However, a dental implant replaces the natural tooth in the jaw. Over time, the jaw bone will even build up around the implant.

Protecting Bone Health

When a person has teeth removed, it is common for the jaw bone to lose density in the areas where teeth used to exist.

This loss of density can lead to changes in the shape of the face, such as a sunken look or even a shortened jaw. A reduced bone density can also cause the loosening and loss of other teeth.

The open area of the jaw where the tooth was removed can also be a problem area that is prone to becoming infected and developing other health problems. However, a dental implant replaces the natural tooth in the jaw.

Over time, the jaw bone will even build up around the implant. This buildup of bone will help to keep the jaw strong and the implant stable.

Dental implants can be a good decision for those who are losing or have lost some of their natural teeth. There many benefits make them a better choice than dentures in most situations.

Using the Dental Services of Rochester to help you decide can be of serious help. Whether a person is young or old, he or she should carefully consider dental implants when choosing a dental treatment option.

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  1. I had no idea that a dental implant is stable and doesn\’t move around as many dentures do. My mother has lost a lot of teeth over the years, and she has finally decided to go to the dentist to find a solution to her missing teeth. It sounds like dental implants might be the most effective way for her to replace her missing teeth.


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