Headwaters Counseling

These days we see a lot of young people suffering from the vices of 21th-century alcoholism and drugs. If we look at the results of many social surveys there is a huge number of people who are using narcotics (illegal drugs). For example in 2007 in one National Survey the results have shown that 19.9 million people or around 8 % of the Americans are using drugs.

Another result has shown that 208 million people all over the world 12 years or older are consuming illegal drugs. We can just guess how much these statistical numbers have increased over these couple of years.

It’s obvious that the number increases every year, so there are more and more people who are getting affected by drug use disorders. Same goes with people who are alcoholics. Around 2 billion people are consuming alcohol and around 75 million people are suffering from alcohol abuse or dependence. This just shows how serious these vices are and why they are given the title “Vices of the 21th Century.”

Recently we were searching for statistics about Drug and Alcoholic Treatment Programs. We ran into the National Treatment Agency. There were many reports about English people who decided to participate in the rehabilitation programs.

You can see the results on the following link – www.nta.nhs.uk. The results about the American people are from 2008 saying that around 18 million people decided to take rehabilitation program for either drugs or alcoholic problems.

The awareness of these 2 problems are on the high level as years go by and that’s why there are many rehabilitation centers opened in the last couple of years starting from 2010. Each center is offering his own rehabilitation program that may last for weeks and months. For example, while researching, we came across an upscale drug and alcohol rehabilitation organisation called Headwaters Counseling.

Headwaters Counseling as it is called is a nonprofit organization from Fort Wayne, Indiana who offers help and counseling services for people who are suffering from the use of narcotics and alcohol.


Headwaters as a private agency offers help to children or adults who are having a hard time dealing with substance abuse. The goal of their rehab programs is to improve the quality of life one person while eliminating the bad habits and fighting their vices.

Headwaters’s moto “Encouraging People Toward a Better Life” speaks a lot about their dedication and mission of having a huge impact on people’s life decision. When it comes to rehabilitation from substance abuse there are couple programs available at Headwaters. Below we bring you the programs from their official website headwaterscounseling.org –

18 & 22 Week Programs

The 18 & 22 Week Programs are designed to address substance abuse issues that are considered moderate to high risk. The 18 week program meets two times a week for 12 weeks, and the 22 week program meets three times a week for 12 weeks. Both of these programs are followed by 6 to 10 weeks of our Aftercare Program.

Women in Recovery

This program focuses on women who are abusing drugs or alcohol and have gone through a traumatic event, such as physical or sexual abuse. The Women in Recovery program helps women to understand that they have choices and can live a long, healthy, and productive life without the assistance of alcohol or drugs.

Relapse Prevention

This program is for those individuals who have experienced prior treatment but have begun using drugs or alcohol again. The program lasts for a minimum of 16 weeks (2 times a week in a 2 hour group). During these weeks, the client will review how to address situations, triggers, and other areas that can cause someone to relapse.

Aftercare Program

All programs are followed by approximately 6-10 weeks of the Aftercare Program, depending on the level of treatment. In this program, the client will take what he or she has learned during the previous program and apply it to his or her everyday life. About the success of this organisation you can hear from their past clients such as Lindsey. Visit the following link to hear her story – Success Stories.

Not everyone wanted to walk the road of hell when they first started using drugs or started drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, that’s how it starts. With continuous consumption of these substances, you are on the road of destroying your health and organism, losing your friends, partners, bringing “hell” near your loved once. Once you get there it’s very hard to make a change, but that’s why centers like Headwaters are here, to help these people get their real life back, the life they truly deserve.

If you know someone that has a terrible time dealing with drug use and alcoholism you can always help them by bringing them to a rehabilitation centers who offer programs for substance abuse. We chose Headwaters, because of their professionalism and the high level of humanity their personal posses.

Make the right choice today, visit www.headwaterscounseling.org.