Workplace Injuries

You go to work every day, but the thought that something might happen to you while you’re at the office or on the company’s premises rarely crosses your mind.

We often hear stories about people being injured at work, and yet we never think that something similar can happen to us.

Unfortunately, work related accidents and injuries are all too common and there’s no occupational sector that’s spared of potential hazards.

Every 7 seconds, a person suffers an injury at work. That’s a pretty scary statistic.

Employers can take all the proper precaution measures to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for their staff, but it’s up to each and every one of us to be careful and keep ourselves out of danger.

It’s always good to be informed if you want to avoid unpleasant situations, so here are 5 most common workplace injuries everyone should be aware of.

Slips and trips

Injuries due to slips and trips are probably the most frequent workplace injuries of all. You can come across slippery surfaces in all working settings, from offices to shop floors or warehouses.

Anyone anywhere can slip, trip and fall, so workers in every area of activity are prone to this hazard. It can result in head or back injuries, sprains, broken bones or even death.

These types of injuries are also one of the main reasons for which workers claim compensation. So if you’re faced with such a situation, you can contact a reputable law firm such as Willcox Law to help you get the benefits you deserve.

Strained muscles

Muscle strains are also something many workers are familiar with. People whose jobs involve regular heavy lifting probably know what they’re all about, as they are more exposed to muscle strains than any other category of workers.

Back and neck strains particularly are amongst the most common issues. Luckily, muscle strains can be effectively avoided if workers are trained on proper lifting methods, so they can carry on with their jobs in a safe manner.

Injured by a falling object

Falling objects can pose a serious threat to workers as well. Contrary to common belief, these unfortunate events are not exclusive to warehouse environments. Office workers can also become victims of falling objects, so it doesn’t hurt being cautious about it.

To reduce the risk, employees should make sure that all items are stored properly on shelves and in cupboards.

Injuries caused by repetitive strain

Some people still don’t take repetitive strain injuries serious, but in time they can become more than a nuisance and turn into a very serious health problem. Any repetitive motion can lead to a repetitive strain injury, so don’t forget to take breaks and use proper equipment when you work.

Vehicle related injuries

Accidents involving cars, trucks or other types of vehicles used in the workplace are not to be ignored either. Whether we talk about collisions or crashes, these accidents can have dramatic consequences, so employees who operate vehicles or work in an environment where vehicles are around should always take extra caution.