Like every facet of science, nutrition is a subject that grows with time as we delve deeper into its research and make new, fascinating discoveries. However, what makes nutrition so helpful in our daily lives is that it is a science that measures how we are constantly living.

Subjects like chemistry, physics, and electrical engineering are interesting, but we typically lose very little by not analyzing them everyday. Our health is what keeps us alive and in good shape.

Being aware of things like food groups and necessary calorie intake only helps us prosper, which is why it is so imperative to be aware of recent developments like the significance of the superfood, haritaki.

Reasons You Should Be Eating Superfoods

Superfoods refer to a variety of foods that are abundant in nutrients and extremely beneficial to your health. There are a substantial number of these superfoods, and they all vary in nature—blueberries, salmon, whole grains, spinach, and sweet potatoes to name a few. These foods have a wide range of advantages and are attributed to the working order of numerous organs, systems, and more.

Naturally, superfoods dominate the health world, enhancing the efficiency of one’s body to extreme levels. Science may change every few years on one subject or another, but superfoods seem to be unquestionably health promoting with no two ways about it.

How Healthy is Haritaki?

Due to the nutrient-rich disposition of superfoods, the more superfoods the public know about, the better. Not only are they fantastic for losing weight and improving short-term health, but the effects on long-term health are monumental as well. Some of the best haritaki benefits are related to serious health concerns like prevention of heart conditions, improvement of the immune system, and even aiding diabetes.

It has also been linked to detoxification, improving the gastro-intestinal tract which heightens the level of nutrition within the blood, and assists those who struggle with enlarged livers. Cosmetically, it can aid skin problems when applied topically and reduce hair loss if eaten consistently.

To produce a vast array of benefits like this is not uncommon for superfoods, but that does not mean it should be glanced over. Haritaki can come in four different forms for your consumption—natural, dried, powder, and pill.

Benefits Beyond the Body

The exciting thing about nutrients is that reforming your body is only the beginning. Similar to many superfoods, haritaki is also heavily linked to improved mental health and generally positive effects on the brain.

Haritaki has been known to promote healthy brain function, which can play a big role in alleviating stress, thinking clearer, and recovering lost motivation. It promotes neuroplasticity (which is the malleability a brain has that enables reshaping), neurogenesis (which creates neural pathways within the brain which assists functionality), and many more vital parts of the brain.

The cerebral flow, hippocampus, brain stem, frontal lobe, and more, are all positively impacted by the consumption of haritaki, which is what makes its popularization so imperative. Individuals can only gain from eating haritaki, and those benefits come with no drawbacks whatsoever.

Final Considerations

What we put into our bodies directly correlates to how we look, how we feel, and how we function. While self-care can often be marketed as a face mask or a hot bath, it is most often being diligent of what we eat and how we exercise—how we treat ourselves on a daily basis.

Eating superfoods is something we should all be doing because it promotes a stronger, healthier body in a highly accessible way. Humans, while remarkable creations, still need to take care of our physical selves first.

Haritaki is one superfood that should not go unnoticed, and it being unfamiliar territory should not deter you from trying it. It comes in many forms for your liking, and improves many systems within your body from your intestines to your brain. To value your livelihood is to value living, and with superfoods like haritaki, you could be living ideally.


  1. The first week I tried Haritaki, I began having many short episodes of euphoria, but I didn’t immediately connect the experience to Haritaki. I stopped taking Haritaki for a few days and when the old heaviness returned, I suddenly realized what benefit I had lost by discontinuing the Haritaki. I started back up, and not only did the high energy, euphoric episodes return, but it lowered my blood sugar, boosted my immune system and relieved Rheumatoid Arthritis pain. I notice new benefits every day!