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Hair Extension Maintenance

One fashion items that every girl who loves straight or curly hair wants to have is a hair extension. So now that you have bought your hair extension and you’ve probably had it nicely fixed, what you should be thinking of are ways to maintain your hair extension and have it looking nice for a long time while your natural hair remains protected.

Before we get into specific details on how to maintain hair extensions there are three primary rules that every hair extension owner must always remember: these rules are don’t pull your hair extension do not leave the roots wet and oily and also never make the mistake of flipping your hair upside down.

Hair Extension

As you read further, you will learn basic tips on how to care for your hair extension and have them last you for as long as you want. But first things first, remember to always go for the best quality of hair extension you can find.

Sometimes it is best to ignore the cost and go for quality because when you buy a hair extension that looks good but is of low quality, and it’s a lot cheaper, you end up spending more money buying other ones when that one goes bad.

Maintenance of hair extensions

Below are some of the products that you will need if you want to take real good care of your hair extensions:

1. Volume or clarifying shampoo: if you have been dealing with oily hair for a long time and you do not know how to take care of it or to handle it, it is best to go for a clarifying shampoo as it is the best option when it comes to oily hair. And if you are dealing with dry hair, the best shampoo you can opt for is a volume shampoo.

2. Lightweight hair conditioner: do not go for just any conditioner always search for a lightweight hair conditioner and apply it to the ends of your hair

3. Soft bristle brush and wide tooth comb: one mistake a lot of people make is using different brushes and combs on their hair extensions. If you must maintain your hair extension and have it last for a long time, then you have to use only a wide tooth comb or bristol brush because the flow easily through your hair extension and reduce shedding.

4. Heat protection spray: it’s OK always to want to change your hairstyle by using a blow dryer a straightener or a curling iron on your hair extension, but the problem with doing these things is that if you do not use a heat protection spray you may end up damaging your hair extension on the long run. So if you decide to use any of these heat products, make sure that you purchase a heat protection spray that you would apply on your hair before you curl, straighten, or dry it.

Washing your hair extension and drying it is also very important because you want to keep it clean and to look good. Now there is more to washing and drying your hair extension than just soaking it in a bowl full of shampoo water, rinsing it, and blow drying it. Let us take a look at some of the steps and tips that we need to take when washing our hair extensions.

Washing and drying tips for hair extensions

Before you step into the shower, always make sure that your hair extension is neatly brushed. If you notice any tangles, apply a tangle spray before brushing your hair extension.

If you noticed that the roots of your hair are beginning to feel greasy or oily, make sure to wash them as soon as you can to prevent slipping. Washing your hair in the shower is better than soaking it in a bath if you want to prevent tangling.

While you are trying to make sure that your hair is neatly washed, scrub gently so that you do not scrub the bond and mistakenly take out your hair extension. And if you must use a conditioner do not rub it in; simply smooth it over the surface of your hair.

It is OK to air dry your hair but if you are doing this ensure that the roots of your hair are completely dried within 30 minutes after you had your bath. Resist the temptation to flip your hair upside down when you’re drying it.

Want about 80% of your hair is dry you can begin to use a brush to complete the drying process. So now that we are done with tips on how to wash and dry your hair extension let’s go to the front part and that is styling your hair extension.

Tips on how to style your hair extension

First of all, you have to be very careful when brushing your hair always make sure to start brushing from the roots and work your way down all the way to the tip while you are brushing do well to avoid the bonds so that you do not take off the extension.

If you want your hair to have a wavy look, it is better to use a curling wand instead of using a straightener because it curling wand does not require you to pull your hair too much. And do not forget that your heat protection spray is essential if you must style your hair and extension with your curling wand or straightener.

Additional tips for hair extension maintenance

Whether you’re about to go to bed or about to go out and exercise, it is important that you protect your hair extension by either plaiting it or wearing it in a low ponytail. If you would be using a different salon when you decide to go for a haircut or add colour to your hair make them know that you have extensions on so that they do not scrub it. Also, make sure that the hair stylist does not pull your hair hard when brushing it a rounded comb should always be used for brushing your hair.

If you must take out your hair extension before three months, make sure you do not do it on your own. Consult a professional to help you take it out else you may end up damaging your natural hair.

If you find the tips on this article helpful or you have a thing or two you would like to include, please endeavour to use the comment section.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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