As time is passing the number of beauty products is increasing drastically. Previous decades had very less artificial beauty products compared to the present generation.

People from the old generation had a greater scope for natural beauty products and home remedies for maintaining health and beauty. But these days the tips are hidden by artificial beauty products. It is scientifically proven that many of our habits have a greater effect on our health. The lifestyles we follow affect not only our body but also affect the health of our skin.

Keeping some habits in mind one can retain the health of skin and take its better care. With increasing pollution around our city, the rate of skin diseases is also increasing. We can take care of it to some extent by following some habits.

Most commonly habits that are required to keep your skin young and healthy are listed below –

  1. Eating and Drinking habits
  2. Bedtime habits
  3. Workout habits
  4. Let’s put some light on these topics which may be of great help for all the generation.
  5. Eating and Drinking habits

Most commonly the health of a person is based on what he/she intakes on daily basis. Eating habits affect the health of the body and also lays impact on the sensitive organ skin. There are various food and drinks which are proven by doctors to intake for better skin health.

Drinking green tea

From ages, tea is proven to be the best home remedy for various health benefits. Among them, green tea is one which protects the skin from damages. It contains catechins which help to protect the skin in many ways.

Avoid milk in green tea as it reduces antioxidants.

Red wine

Red wine has a high amount of resveratrol which comes from grapes and helps to reduce skin aging. Since wine is an alcoholic beverage it is recommended to take in limited quantity.


Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and produces collagen to keep your skin elastic and avoid wrinkle formation.

Fatty fish

Some fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel, herring which are rich in omega 3 are very beneficial for the skin to grow thick and keep it moisturized. It helps to avoid skin cancer.


Tomatoes contain lycopene, which acts like sunscreen and protect the skin from UV radiation. It adds color to your skin and keeps it glowing with no much effort.

Almonds and walnuts

Almonds are rich in vitamin E which protects the skin from sun damage. Walnuts are rich in omega 3 as well as omega 6 fatty acids. It reduces the inflammation caused to the skin and keeps it healthy.


Avocados are rich in healthy fats which keeps the skin flexible and moisturized. It contains several vitamins and antioxidants which protect the skin from damaging an aging.

Dark Chocolate

The cocoa present in the chocolate is very effective on your skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and gives better blood flow which keeps your skin less dry an rough. Use minimum sugar in chocolates.

Bedtime habits

With a lot of research and learning it has been proven that the health of the body depends not only on eating habits but also the right sleeping habits. The sleeping and bedtime habit also affect the health of the skin and it needs to be taken care of.

Regular sex

There are several benefits for skin if you have regular sex. Sounds’ interesting right but it is scientifically proven. It brings a natural glow to your skin and avoids dry skin. So have regular sex and bee young.

Makeup free sleep

Make it a point that you never sleep with makeup at the night. Because it is the time when the skin opens its pores and natural cleansing happens. Wash off your face with water and remove the makeup before going to bed as it will relax your skin and keep you fresh in the morning.


Even after a hectic day makes it a point to clean your skin and apply a suitable moisturizer to keep your skin glowing moisturized throughout the night and keeps it less rough. Apply hand creams and body lotion to maintain the moisture in the skin all night.

Tie your hair loose

Never let your hairs free while sleeping. It may cause irritation and make knots. Moreover, the contents of hair may fall over the face and cause damage to the skin like getting pimples and irritation. So it is suggested to tie up your hair loosely while sleeping.

Silk pillows

Usage of silk pillows helps in providing natural fibers to the skin all night and keeps the skin fresh. Using silk covers avoid wrinkles and lines on the skin. It reduces the damage and keeps skin fresh and healthy.

A lot of water

Drinking plenty of water before going to bed is very helpful as it keeps your body and skin hydrated throughout the night and makes your morning fresh and glowing.

Workout habits

Apart from eating habits and keeping yourself hygiene, it is also important to do some physical activities in order to say fir and young. Four times of exercise a week and give you positive results.

When you go for workouts your body removes the toxic fluids and sweats from your body which are unwanted and that automatically adds the glow to your skin and keep you fresh and young.


This is the best practice one can follow for good health benefits. All the sweat sessions will make your skin look brighter, radiant and softer. It tightens your skin an ads on to your complexion and maintains your posture. Exercise and stay young.


Yoga is practiced from ages and it is well known for its natural benefits of staying young and vibrant. It helps in better blood flow and keeps the skin glowing. Constant practice brings the best results and keeps your skin flexible and healthy.

There are various other physical activities which help in keeping you young and vibrant. All these techniques and habits are very common and don’t ask much efforts. Just give a little bit of time for yourself and keep shining and glowing by practicing them regularly. So eat, drink, workout and stay fit and healthy.

Author Bio:

Ankit S. Maharishi is the founder of writers together, Gymholic and cares for the gift of god i.e. our body.