The latest superfood, coconut oil, is quickly becoming a staple in every home. It truly is a wonder oil, that really does live up to the hype. In recent years, there has been an incredible amount of extensive research that backs up the claims of its many benefits.

Coconut oil is now commonplace in the kitchen. More and more people are replacing unsaturated cooking fats, which release harmful free radicals, with stable and unharmful coconut oil. The benefits in cooking are extensive, however, the use of coconut oil in the bathroom has been somewhat limited, until now…

Save Money; Go Natural

With relatively inexpensive and pure organic coconut oil you can do away with expensive face scrubs, foams, cleansing waters and wipes. Sadly, specialist and designer face products rarely work, are costly and are full of unnatural chemicals.

If we try to avoid eating chemically-enhanced foods, why should we be putting them on our skin Instead, we should use pure and natural and organic ingredients to clean our skin, but isn’t cleaning with oil counter-intuitive?

Oil Removes Oil

Surprisingly, oil is one of the most effective ways to remove makeup, impurities, pollution and even oil from the skin. While it may seem impossible, oil really does remove oil. Essentially, you need to replace the dirty oil on your skin with purely natural botanical oils such as coconut oil.

The dirt and daily grime of oils that is embedded in your skin hardens, which leaves a build-up causing dull or shiny or blemished skin. By rubbing a natural oil into the pores, the coconut oil dissolves the hardened oil and lifts away the impurities quickly and easily.

What About Acne?

Those most sceptical of oil cleansing are likely to be those with naturally oily skin and those who are prone to blemishes, but coconut oil cleansing really does work on all skin types. By cleansing with the right kinds of oil, not harsh chemicals, you not only remove the harmful bacteria and oil on the skin; you replace it with a natural moisturiser that can nourish and protect your skin and give you a healthy complexion.

If you have any common skin complaints such as dry skin, blackhead or whiteheads, sensitivity, oily or combination skin, then coconut oil cleansing can work wonders for your skin.

Benefits of Coconut Oil Cleansing

There are ample benefits why you should make the leap to coconut oil cleansing, including;

  • Effective makeup remover without the need to scrub and damage your skin
  • No dryness or flaky skin, not even in the harsh winter months
  • Reduce excess oil and fewer blemishes
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Incredibly nourishing and can even improve the appearance of fine lines, marks and scars.

How To Cleanse With Coconut Oil?

Your cleansing routine has just got cheaper, quicker and simpler;

  1. Take a teaspoon of organic coconut oil and rub your hands together until it becomes liquid.
  2. Once the oil is warm, massage the oil onto your face, be gentle and pay attention to oily areas.
  3. Wet a facecloth under a hot tap and wring it out.
  4. Apply the facecloth to your face (make sure it isn’t too hot) and allow the steam to work its magic for around 30 seconds.
  5. Gently wipe the oil away with the facecloth.
  6. Moisturise with your usual product if needed, if not, you’re ready to go!

When you first start oil cleansing, you may experience detox reactions for the first week as you bring the embedded dirty oil to the surface of your skin. Persevere, the end result will be worth it.

Try It Today

Cleansing with organic coconut oil is an excellent way to deep clean your skin and achieve the skin you’ve always dreamed of. After your skin gets used to coconut oil cleansing, it will look remarkably clearer and radiant with its protective moisture barrier and will smell great too.