Perhaps this is not the first time you’re hearing that each of us spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. An uncomfortable mattress will negatively affect your sleep and we already know the consequences of poor sleep.

The science and research for good mattresses shows that purchasing a great mattress can transform your life for better by helping you get the quality sleep you need. Quality sleep has many benefits including stronger immune system, more energy, and a better outlook on life. Nonetheless, there is not a single scientific proof that one mattress is the best for everyone.

Therefore, the question of which is the best mattress is more of a personal choice. Over and above, the purpose of this article is to give you the facts about how a good mattress can improve the quality of your life for about two decades. So let us now look at the various ways a good mattress can change your life for some years.

By offering the body the kind of support it needs

While it may be so obvious, it is important I remind you that when your body lies for a long period your body weight cuts blood flow the blood vessels around the affected area. As a result, oxygen and nutrients do not get to these areas. This stimulates the nerve cells and pain receptors in the skin to send a signal to the brain. The feedback from the brain makes you turn and toss.

The turning and tossing restores proper circulation of blood to the areas but end up interrupting your sleep.  A good mattress adjusts to your shape without forcing it to contour to your body curves. The resultant pressure relief ensures the spine is supported properly to maintain its natural curve. As a result, you can stay in the deep sleep for longer periods.

By reducing motion transfer

There is nothing as disturbing like been waken up in the middle of the night by your tossing and turning partner. A good mattress is made up of materials that absorb and dampens motion instead of transferring it. So no, matter how your partner rolls over in bed, you would not be bounced around or awaken out of sleep. The benefit here is that you’ll lead a happier and healthy day ahead.

By boosting the immune system

Research findings have established that lack of good sleep can negatively affect the body immune system. We already know the consequences of a weak immune system is increased exposure to illness. On the other hand, a good mattress can help you sleep better. Getting enough sleep is beneficial as it boosts your immune system making you less susceptible to diseases.

By improving memory and promoting healthier weight

According to neurologists, a unique process that solidifies memories happens when the body rests. Since a good mattress allows you to have a long and deep sleep it also means that your cognitive ability will improve.  Not only that but good sleep also promotes a healthier weight. Sleep and metabolism are controlled by the brain.

Lack of good sleep stimulates the body to secrete a hormone called ‘ghrelin’ that causes hunger and cravings for junk foods. On top of this, sleepiness also impairs insulin and sugar metabolism thus increasing your chances of gaining more weight and even developing diabetes.

By saving you money and time

Although a good mattress can be expensive, it is always engineered to last beyond the warranty. This means you are going to enjoy comfortable nights for many years without the need of a replacement.

While buying a good mattress will cost you a little bit more than an average mattress, it is worth every penny because in the end, you’ll get the full value of your money. Besides the fact that you are able to get enough sleep means that, you will wake up with tons of energy you need to achieve your dreams and take your life where you desire it to go.

By slowing down the aging process

Research shows that lack of sleep stimulates the breakdown of a chemical called ‘Telomere caps’ that protect your genes and this accelerates the aging process. So a sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress can make you age faster than expected.

In contrast, having a good mattress means that you’ll be getting enough sleep. This is beneficial because it activates an enzyme called ‘Telomerase’ that repairs and reverse the damage. As a result getting yourself a good mattress will make you look genetically younger again.


In summary, quality sleep is central to a happy and healthier life. Be it as it may be seen, there are cute ways that owning a good mattress can change your life. So, weigh the benefits carefully and the amount you can spend on a good mattress and you’ll agree with me a happy life is incomparable. Kindly let’s know how important sleep is to you.