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Gonorrhea: Symptoms, Complications and Treatments

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Gonorrhea is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. This STD is caused by a bacterial infection. The bacteria tend to thrive in areas that are warm and moist.

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It can be commonly found on the vagina, anus, urethra, eyes, and even the reproductive tract. Gonorrhea can be pass by unprotected oral, vagina, and anal sex. The more sexual partners that a person the higher the risk of getting this infection is.

Common Symptoms

Once a person contracts gonorrhea they may see some of the more common symptoms in two to fourteen day. Some people may not have symptoms at all. Whether a person has symptoms or not they are still able to pass gonorrhea onto other people.

Symptoms in Men

There are some common symptoms that a man may see if he is infected with gonorrhea. A man may have a painful feeling when urinating or he may have some pain during urination.

He may need to go more often. A man may notice some discharge or pus coming out of the tip of the penis. The penis opening may also be red or swollen.

The testicles may also swell or be painful. A man may notice that he has a sore throat that may not go away. A man may also notice some of these symptoms around his rectum.

Symptoms in Women

Many women will not notice they have gonorrhea. The most common symptom is similar to a yeast infection and a woman may think that is her problem. If there is greenish discharge from the vagina this can be due to gonorrhea.

A woman may have some pain during urination. She may need to urinate more frequently. A woman may have a heavier period or may have spotting between periods. She may also have a sore throat and experience pain during sex. She may also feel a sharp pain in her lower abdomen area and may also have a fever.

How to Test for Gonorrhea

There are a number of different ways that a person can be tested for gonorrhea. A swab of the genitals or the anus can be taken, and it can be viewed by the doctor. A blood sample may also be taken.

The samples are carefully examined and if they react to a stain test a person is positive for gonorrhea. It is easy to test for this STD, but additional testing may be needed, and the sample may be sent to a lab.

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There is another method that can be used to test for gonorrhea. The sample is then put into an incubator and is allowed to sit for several days. If there is gonorrhea present the sample will begin to grow this bacteria. In most tests results can be seen in as little as 24 hours but the final results may take up to 3 days to be present.

Gonorrhea Complications

Women are at the highest risk of developing complications if they do not know that they have gonorrhea. If this disease is not treated there may be issued with the reproductive system.

They may develop pelvic inflammatory disease which can lead to pain and damage the reproductive organs.

This can also put a woman at great risk for other sexually transmitted diseases. Women may also damage done to their fallopian tubes which can make it difficult for her to become pregnant or may cause an ectopic pregnancy.

If a woman has issues during gonorrhea and gives birth she may have complications when she delivers the baby.

A man may have some scarring in his urethra. He may also develop an abscess inside of the penis that can be rather painful. This may lead to loss of fertility or problems with fertility.

In both men and women, gonorrhea may be able to get into the bloodstream. This can lead to serious health threats including damage to the heart valves, arthritis, and inflammation in the brain and the spinal cord. These conditions may be rare, but they need to be taken seriously.

How to Treat Gonorrhea?

There are antibiotics that can be prescribed to get rid of this infection. There are even some clinics that are funded by the state or private organizations that will provide this medication for free. In most cases, Ceftriaxone and Azithromycin can be used. Within a few days, a person may notice their pain is reduced.

There are some laws regarding treatment that healthcare professionals need to follow but may discourage some people from seeking treatment. They will need to contact and test any known sexual partners of the infected person.

For those that have a strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to antibiotics, emergency treatment may be needed. This treatment is a mixture of oral antibiotics and another therapy method that is used for seven days.

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How to Prevent a Gonorrhea Infection?

The best way to prevent a gonorrhea infection is through abstinence. If a person does have sex, they should always use a condom.

Sexual partners should also get tested together on a regular basis. People that have multiple or frequent partners are at a higher risk for contracting this infection.

What to do if a Person Has Contracted Gonorrhea?

A person should discuss their sexual history and symptoms with their doctor. A person should also tell anyone they had sexual contact with about their infection. A person should see their doctor for treatment.

If they do receive antibiotics, they should take the full script to ensure the infection is gone. A person should also follow up with their doctor within two weeks to make sure their infection is gone from the body and no additional treatment is needed.

In order to prevent becoming infected with gonorrhea, a person should also practice safe sex. This will help prevent the spread of this infection and keep a person safe.

People should also be careful with their sexual partners to reduce the risk of contracting gonorrhea and doing permanent damage to their reproductive system and the rest of the body.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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