100+ Goddess Names for Girls

Goddess Names for Girls
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Goddess is a woman honoured or adored as physically attractive. So, there are many ideal goddess names that has a beautiful and good meaning that can be answered by your girl child.

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You might select some goddess names below either because you love the name and the meaning, the culture or to pay tribute to your heritage.

A – Z Goddess Names for Girls and their Meanings


  • Aahana: Aahana means ‘Inner light’.
  • Aarvi: This means peace or ‘the one who makes peace’.
  • Aarya: This is the name used for Goddess Durga and it means ‘noble goddess’.
  • Aashirya: Aashirya means ‘from the land of God’.
  • Aditi: Aditi is the name of the goddess of fertility, the infinity sky, the earth, past and future. Aditi means ‘boundless’.
  • Aditri: The name Aditri means ‘highest honour’.  It’s another name of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Advita: This name is a unique name which means ‘number one, lovely or unique’.
  • Ambuja: The name Ambuja means ‘beautiful flower Lotus’.
  • Anwita: Anwita means ‘understanding’. It is referring to all powerful mother Goddess.
  • Aparna: Aparna symbolizes ‘courage, strength and valor’. It’s the name of Lord Siva’s wife, Goddess Parvati.
  • Ameya: The name Ameya means ‘purity and cleanliness’.
  • Anaya: Anaya means ‘God has shown favour’.


  • Bani: ‘Giver of knowledge of the earth’.
  • Belisama: This name is actually that of the celtic counterpart of Minerva. Her name means “brightest one”.
  • Beyla: ‘Dance; beautiful’
  • Bhagyashree:  ‘An infinite good luck and fortune’.
  • Bhargavi: This means ‘beautiful or charming’.
  • Bhaskari: Bhaskari means ‘radiant like the sun’.
  •  Bhavani: Bhavani is a very popular hindu goddess name for baby girl among Indian parents. The name gives off a sense of power.
  • Bhavaprita:  Bhavaprita means ‘one who is loved by the universe’. It is also a name for Goddess Durga. It’s a name that represent infinite emotion.
  • Bilvanilaya:  Bilvanilaya means ‘one who resides under the Bilva tree’ and refers to Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Brahmi: Brahmi means ‘sacred or holy’. Brahmi is also the name of a plant which has many amazing properties, all positive for the human body.
  • Brigantia: Brigantia was a late celtic goddess of victory. Meaning ‘the elevated one’.
  • Brigid (Brigit): Goddess of ‘spring and poetry’. Means ‘exalted one’.
  • Brinda: This means ‘holy and basil’.


  • Calista: means ‘fairest, most beautiful’.
  • Ceres (Demeter): ‘Goddess of agriculture’
  • Cerridwen: Goddess of rebirth, change, and transformation, the underworld goddess and keeper of knowledge.
  • Charis: Charis was the goddess of ‘charm, creativity and nature’.
  • Chakrikaa: This is the goddess who have the ‘divine wheel’.
  • Charvi: ‘Beautiful woman or beautiful girl’.
  • Chandrarupa: The goddess that looks like the moon.
  • Clementia: means ‘merciful’.
  • Cleta: Cleta means ‘renowned’. It was one of the greek Graces.
  • Cyhiraeth: Goddess of streams


  • Damara: means calf; to tame; ‘gentle’.
  • Danica: Means ‘morning star’; from Denmark
  • Davina:  means ‘Beloved’.
  • Deepa: This means ‘Lamp’. The goddess that lightens the place with her presence.
  • Deetya:  The name Deetya means ‘an answer to prayers.
  • Dextra: One who dyes; right-handed, fortunate
  • Deveshi: Deveshi means the chief or head of all goddess.
  • Demeter: The Greek goddess of ‘grain, agriculture, harvest, growth and nourishment’.
  • Dia: This is the name of the Greek goddess of youth. It means ‘heavenly’.
  • Diana: Goddess of the hunt which means ‘Heavenly and divine’.
  • Driti: means ‘steadiness or courage’.
  • Doris: means ‘gift’.

E – F

  • Eithna: This is the name of the goddess who survived only on milk. It means ‘pretty and soulful’.
  • Ekaa: This is the name of one of the goddesses Durga and it means “matchless”.
  • Electra: means ‘shining, bright or radiant’
  • Enid: Enid means life and spirit.
  • Eudora: It is the name of five minor goddess of Greek mythology. Eudora means generous gift.
  • Eva: means ‘life’.
  • Fauna: This is the fairy who protected Disney “Sleeping beauty”.
  • Felicitas: means ‘happy’.
  • Flora: it’s the name of the Roman goddess of flower and spring. She enjoyed her eternal youth.
  • Fortuna: This means “good fortune”.
  • Freya: The name Freya is derived from an old Norse name Freyja. It means a noble woman or a lady. Freya is the goddess of love, fertility, death and war.

G – I

  • Gaia: Gaia is pronounced GUY-ah. It means “earth mother”.
  • Gauri: Gauri means “fair one” and is one of the most popular names among Hindus.
  • Gefion: This is the name of the goddess of agriculture and fertility.
  • Girija: Girija means daughter of mountains because she was the daughter of the king of mountains.
  • Harmonia: means ‘ unity and concords.
  • Hannah: Hannah means grace or favour.
  • Hersilia: ’Delicate’.
  • Iat: This is the name of the goddess of milk, nurturing and childbirth.
  • Inanna: This is the most prominent goddess name in ancient Mesopotamia. It means ruling over love, fertility and warfare.
  • Indusheetala: This is quite a long name, but it is also a unique name.  Indusheetala means “cool like the moon”. Indu means ‘moon’ while sheetala means ‘cool’.
  • Ira: Ira is a good name for people who like to keep things simple.  Ira means ‘earth or a devoted one’.
  • Iris: This is an attractive flower-name and the name of the messenger of the gods. Iris means Rainbow.
  • Isis: The Egyptian goddess of health, marriage and wisdom.


  • Jade: Jade means precious stone.
  • Jane: Jane means God is gracious
  • Jarah: Jarah means bravery and boldness.
  • Jasira: Jasira symbolizes boldness and courage.
  • Jaya:  Jaya which is one of the popular names stands for victory.
  • Jiana: The god of gracious
  • Juno: Juno is the name of the Roman goddess of women(fertility) and marriage. It means Queen of heaven.
  • Justina: Roman goddess of Justice.
  • Juturna: Juturna is pronounced TURN-ah. The Roman goddess was the deity of springs, wells and fountains.
  • Juventas: The Roman goddess personifies youth.

K – L

  • Kamakshi: This is one of the beautiful names which means “one with a loving eye”.
  • Karma: Karma means destiny or fate.
  • Kashtha: Kashtha is referred to the goddess who is a quarter of the world. The name signifies enormity of a Goddess which means ‘path of the wind’, signifying the free air a d attitude.
  • Kiara: means “little black one”
  • Kimaya: Kimaya is one of the elegant names and it means ‘divine’ and ‘miracle’.
  • Kriti: This name is one of the easiest, short and sweet name to pronounce. It means ‘a work of art or variant’.
  • Leto: Leto is the goddess of motherhood.
  • Lucina: This is the roman goddess of childbirth. It means “she who brings children into the light(world). “.  Lucina can be shortened to Lucy or Luna.
  • Luna: Luna means “goddess of the moon”.
  • Lyric: Lyric means words of songs.

M – N

  • Macha: Goddess of war and life/death cycle.
  • Maeve: Goddess of earth, goddess of fertility.
  • Mahira: Highly skilled, experts or talented
  • Marnasvi: it means intelligent, wise and sensible.
  • Margaret: Margret means Pearl.
  • Marvel: It means wonderful, extraordinary and miracle to marvel at.
  • Maxima: Greatest
  • Mayra: Beloved, favorable and admirable
  • Naira: Shinning or glittering.
  • Nemain: Goddess of war
  • Niamh: Goddess of beauty
  • Niya: Niya means a desire for something or purpose.
  • Nysa: it means “new beginning”
  • Nyx: Nyx means “Night”.

O – R

  • Oizys: Daughter of greek goddess Nyx, her name means misery, which moves it from “out there” to unusable.
  • Olwen: Olwen can also be spelt Olwyn. Olwen was the heroin if s Celtic love story. She was said to be gentle, white lilies grew in her footprints. It’s the goddess of spring and flowers.
  • Onatch: Goddess of corn.
  • Ostara: This Nordic goddess is the source of Easter, her name meaning “dawn”.
  • Padmakshi: This is one of the most beautiful names. It means “one with lotus like eyes”.
  • Pallas: Wisdom
  • Pandela: The greek personification of “full moon”.
  • Pavaki: The goddess of knowledge
  • Pomona: it means Apple because it is the name of the Roman goddess of garden, fruit trees and orchard.
  • Phaena: means bright
  • Philomena: means “powerful love”.
  • Quinn: This is the descendent of Conn.
  • Ramona: means “protecting hands”
  • Raphaella: means “God heals”.
  • Reign: It means “rule”.
  • Rey: means “king”
  • Rosmerta: means goddess of wealth and fertility.
  • Rutvi: name of an Angel meaning “season”
  • Ryder: means “knight”.


  • Samara: means” guardian”.
  • Selina: means “the moon”
  • Serena: means “calm”
  • Seven: means the number 7 or perfect.
  • Sequana: Celtic-roman goddess Sequana, carrying a definite modern sound, was the goddess of the river Seine and its springs in Burgundy. Worshippers would ask her to cure their illnesses.
  • Sif: Goddess of fertility
  • Skadi: Giantess goddess of hunt, mountains, and winter
  • Snotra: Goddess of wisdom
  • Stevie: it means “crown”.
  • Surasa: it is a name taken from Sanskrit and means ‘good essence’. Here, ‘su’ means ‘good’ and ‘rasa’ means ‘nectar’ or ‘essence’.
  • Sutada: Sutada is a unique name, not used by many. Sutada means means ‘one who grants wishes.
  • Syn: Goddess of justice

T – U

  • Tanvi: means “slender or beautiful”.
  • Tanishka: means “goddess of Gold”
  • Tephi: Goddess and creator of tea
  • Thalia: Both the name of a greek grace (“abundance”) and nymph (“flourishing”).
  • Theia: Theia is also spelled Thia, or less exciting Thea, she was one of the primal greek deities, her name meaning simply “goddess”.
  • Timber: means wood or strong
  • Tishya: means “suspicious, star or lucky”.
  • Trariti: This name rolls off the tongue in a pretty manner. It means ‘efficient’ or ‘agile’. It is also the name of Goddess Durga.
  • Tove: means” God is good “.
  •  Uddanda:  Uddanda means ‘nemesis of evils and vices’
  • Urania: means “Heavenly”.


  • Vacuna: Vacuna started out as the roman goddess of rest after harvest and ending up as a goddess of war. That escalated quickly.
  • Vale /Valentina: means “strong and healthy”.
  • Valeria: means “strength and vigor”.
  • Vána: The younger sister of Yavanna, Vána is the queen of blossoms and is called “ever-young”.
  • Var: Goddess of love vows between men and women and punishers for those who break them.
  • Varda: it means “rose”.
  • Veda” means “Knowledge and wisdom”.
  • Vedakarta: The Vedas are the ultimate source of wisdom for the Hindus. Vedakarta means ‘originator of Vedas’ and signifies Lord Siva.
  • Velora: it means “strong or healthy”.
  • Venilia: Venilia or Venelia, with its soft vanilla-reference, was the roman wife of sea-god Neptune.
  • Venus (Aphrodite): Goddess of “love, beauty, and fertility”.
  • Verbeia: it possibly meaning “she who is constantly twisting and turning”, Verbeia was the celtic goddess of the river Wharfe.
  • Vesta: This is an undefiled maiden, in allusion to the virgins who guarded the goddess Vesta, the symbol of hearth fire and undeflowered virginity.
  • Victoria: means “Victory”.
  • Vida or Vita means “life”
  • Viva: means “Alive”.
  • Vor: Goddess of “providence and preparation”.

W – Z

  • Winda: means Hunter
  • Xena: it means “Guest and stranger”
  • Yavanna: The queen of earth and giver of fruits in Tolkien’s fictional universe Arda. She created the two trees that signify the sun and moon. This name might make a good alternative to Johanna.
  • Yogeshwari: Yogeshwari means ‘object of worship’.
  • Zisa: it can also be spelt as Cisa, this is the name of a nordic goddess. She is mentioned in connection to a victory over the roman empire.
  • Zondra: means “Man’s defender”.
Goddess Names for Girls
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