According to a number of spiritual traditions, the body and soul are connected to the soles of the feet. The feet serve as a mirror of your overall well-being. Conditions like diabetes, arthritis and circulatory disorders often show initial symptoms in the feet. Setting aside five minutes at the end of your day for an Ayurvedic foot massage can have amazing results on your general well-being. Some of the benefits of the massage include:

  • Alleviating stress and fatigue
  • Activating the immune system
  • Easing emotional imbalance
  • Calming the agitated mind
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Healing cracked heels
  • Improved peripheral circulation
  • Nourishes the feet to prevent dryness and rough skin

Choosing the massage oil

The benefits of the foot massage are further enhanced by the type of oil that you choose. Most base oils have their own therapeutic benefits but they are great vehicles for addition of herbs and essential oils to the body. Ayurvedic products contain base oils, essential oils and infused herbs that nourish the skin and heal the body.

Giving yourself a massage

Giving yourself a foot massage does not sound as glamorous as it would if it was someone else doing it. However, if you do not have a partner to help, learning how to do it right can help you maximize on the benefits of the massage.

  • Sit on a chair or on the bed and rub your hands with the Ayurvedic massage oil.
  • Use your fingertips in circular motion from your ankle to the toes, from the ankle to the heel and then your soles.
  • Gently and slowly, drag your thumb from the base of the shin on the top of the foot towards your big toe while applying a bit of pressure. Repeat this motion for all your toes, starting at the base of the shin.
  • To massage the sole of the foot, cross your ankle over your knee (depending on what foot you are working on)
  • Lace your fingers between the toes and push the toes in a circular motion as well as outwards and inwards.
  • You can use your thumb to apply pressure along the inner border of the sole from the big toe to your heel and back. Do the same for the outer border of the foot.
  • Finally, use your fist to massage your sole in circular motion and finish off by slowly pulling each toe from the foot. Repeat the same process for the other foot.

You will feel super relaxed after the message. After you finish, you can soak both feet in warm salt water. This helps to draw out the stress and toxins from the feet. For smooth, soft and moisturized feet, you should wear cotton socks to bed. You may not have enough time for this but doing it as often as possible can have a great impact on your overall health and well-being.